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A Taste of 2020!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season! As you all know this year has been ROUGH for me as far as getting new titles out there. But I PROMISE you I have NOT given up on writing. In fact I have been writing but unable to concentrate on just one so I’ve actually written quite a bit just haven’t finished any. This week I’ll be making it up to you and sharing a little of what I’ve been working on this year!

First off let me explain a little about my website. On top of all my author woes this year, my website had a little meltdown a few months ago. It went down pretty hard and I basically got it back up and running but I lost a LOT of my most recent data/posts/pictures etc. Hence some of the changes you’ll notice. So this too has been taking up a lot of my time. I’m working on trying to get many of the posts back but between that, trying to write and work it’s taking some time so please bear with me!

To make up for not giving you anything new this year I’ve decided to do a little end of the year teaser of what I’m working on for 2020. If you’ve read Nine you got to read the first chapter of Orlando at the end of the book. I later gave your the second chapter here on my website but unfortunately that’s one of the pages that was lost in the big crash of 2019. -_-

So click on the cover below for the first full THREE chapters of Orlando!

More teasers coming for 2020 stories REAL soon!! Like in the coming days! Check back often!!!

So this happened . . .

My website went down for a few days and I lost a TON of stuff. Basically just about everything I’d posted about in the last TWO YEARS! >.< I’m currently working on slowly getting it all back. But my misfortune is good on you! One of the most visited posts in those past two years was my EXCLUSIVE holiday Moreno Brothers short that was available ONLY to my newsletter subscribers.

Spoiler Alert!

If you have not read Sweet Sofie this blurb contains spoilers from that novel!

It’s been a year since Eric’s internship in Spain. A year since he got back and finally patched things up with Sofia about the indiscretion that nearly ended their relationship. It’s why, when he decided he’d forgive and forget, he thought they’d been through enough. There was no need to share with Sofia what almost happened in Spain when he was still so hurt with her.

But now his father’s getting married over the holidays, and his fiancée’s family is flying in for the wedding. Eric will be forced to spend time around a girl he hadn’t anticipated ever seeing again. The same girl he almost gave into in Spain. Worst yet, Sofia will be around them the whole time.

As perceptive as his hot-headed girlfriend can be, Eric is bracing himself for an intense Holidaze.

So! I’m making it available to everyone this year! BUT I will be adding a few more exclusive shorts like this one SOON that will be available ONLY to my subscribers. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already!!!

Another REYES treat this year is my holiday novella

Just when Romero thought he’d conquered his anger issues…

Now that Izzy has earned her credentials to teach at a college level, Romero is doing his best to be supportive. Even after she informs him she won’t be teaching.

She’ll be assisting a professor—a recently divorced professor whom she’ll work with side by side.

Isabel loves being home with her kids, but she’s ready to get back to her career—back to a world where she can enjoy some in-depth political conversations with someone who really gets it. The brilliant Political Science professor she’s assigned to assist seems to be the perfect fit.

But when those conversations get a little personal, Isabel isn’t sure if she’s just being silly or if the professor is sending insidiously veiled messages.

Romero’s knack for picking up on her unease only complicates things, especially because Isabel also has a big Christmas surprise for him. With suspicions awakened, Romero’s interpretation of Isabel’s sneakiness stirs that dormant rage he hasn’t had to deal with in years, and emotions become furiously Tangled.

Is now available everywhere for FREE* from now until the end of the year!

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*Not all retailers are as a quick to update free pricing. So check back often if it’s not free on any particular retailer.

To read the short click on Holidaze cover above to get started and find out what happens when Eric comes face to face with a past he thought he’d never have to revisit–or explain to Sofie!

Come join the spoiler room in my facebook group and join a re-read with the other members. Add your comments as you read about Eric facing the music!! lol