Mid Summer update BEAST blurb and giveaway!!!

Well almost midsummer. But Summer IS fast underway!

So what’s the latest?


I am currently waiting on the last of the betas to get back to me so I can make the FINAL tweaks and then it’s off to the editor! 

What happens next? Is I wait for the unedited formatted ARC. So what does that mean for you?


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“That whole scene was intense!!!! Everything between Alli and Leo is intense!!! He scares me but in such a good way!!”

Some get very emotional about all the INTENSITY Beast brings to the table.!

“I am not happy right now. Tell me this mother f%$# plans to eat her A$$ with a quickness!!!!”

(Translation because I had to ask for one. Plans on groveling A LOT and FAST!)

What can I say. Beast is Beast and when he gets hot he may say and do  things that might light  a fire!

“Just finished and still trying to catch my breath! COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! And geez that tease for the next one! Now I’ll be on pins and needles for that one too!”  

I’ll have more quotes for you when I get ALL the final feedback!



There are several things I need to wait on

before giving out an exact release date. All I can promise is that it will be out before the end of SUMMER!

First, he begged her to stay away from him.

Now he felt ready to kill if anyone tried to keep her from him.



This close to turning his life around and just months away from the end of his probation, all Leo has to do is keep his inner demons in check.

But the Beast is about to reawaken.

One interview was all it was supposed to be. An interview with the daunting felon in the work-release program that leaves Allison breathless with anticipation for their next encounter.

Despite the risks of becoming involved, neither is able to fight the inexplicable draw they’re feeling.

Life keeps throwing them back together until the fateful night they stop fighting the inevitable and give into their desires. Suddenly, Leo has even more to look forward to in his new life.

Until his violent past catches up to him.

With the stakes infinitely higher now that Allison may also be at risk, the dormant Beast deep inside Leo threatens to unleash, ruining all the progress he’s made—worst of all any future with Allison.



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BEAST cover reveal and #Giveaway!


If you haven’t read Lila then you don’t have the INSIDE scoop on who BEAST is and what he means to this series–what he means to my stories. Remember this is also a CROSSOVER series as well. What does that mean?

Well, if you’re an avid reader of all my books you may have already met him. You may already be wishing he’d get his own story someday. And if you read Lila you KNOW I’m not just crossing over characters from 5th Street. So if you haven’t go grab your copy now! Trust me, you WANT to know who this is.


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The only hint I’ll give you here is that when “Beast” made his appearance in one of my other books, it was the only time I EVER got even a single message much less MANY messages from readers that said something like this:

“OMG I’ve never wanted an h to F- the other guy so bad!” 

Now before you judge! Save that face for the book cover! When you see him in ALL his glory, you’ll get why. Then when you figure out who he is you’ll likely remember thinking the same thing.. And mind you the H in that story who would’ve gotten cheated on is one of my MOST loved! So yeah that was my face up there each time I read said messages.

Anyhoo! On with the show! 

First here’s a snippet of what you missed at the very end of Lila if you haven’t read it.


With her heart at her throat, Allison hit send, got out of her car and hurried to the apartment, glad it was on the first floor. She lifted her hand, hesitating for just a moment before knocking on the door. Her heart pounded even harder when she heard noise on the other side of the door then saw the curtain on the side window move. “Beast?” she whispered.

The door opened, and there he was in all his glory, wearing nothing but his boxer briefs with every tattoo on his bulging body exposed. His intense eyes devoured her from top to bottom just like they always did, making her heart spike further. Before she had a chance to say anything, he pulled her in and closed the door. Spinning her around in the dark room, he pinned her to the wall and pressed his hard body against hers. His snarled words against her ears both alarmed and strangely aroused her. “What the hell part of ‘you need to stay away from me’ do you not understand?”

She holds the power to tame the

Beast . . .

or unleash him if he lets her in.

Will he take that risk?

Find out this summer and without out further ado I give you . . .


Cover Artist Amanda Simpson of

Pixel Mischief Design!

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