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#TGIM Everyone! I was about to do what I’ve been doing for the past several weeks and dive DEEP into my cave but then decided I’ve been too quiet lately and maybe I should explain why!
Okay so the plan was after BB18 I was going to prepare for the Orlando cover reveal. *Whispers* Those who attended BB18 have seen both Orlando’s cover and my surprise stand alone covers. Anyway low and behold on my way to the signing a story idea came to me for a completely unrelated book to any of my other books. But it excited me so much I even stopped and bought a notebook along the way to jot the idea down. When I got back from the trip, I did something I rarely do. I wrote the outline for the story so that I could set it aside and work on Orlando’s. Thing is the entire story came to me from beginning to end and I just had to write SOME of it down. Before you know it I’m 50k words into it and I. Cannot. Stop. Writing! Even still before I left to the signing I had several stories I was going back and forth from and the reason I haven’t done the cover reveal is because at this point they’re ALL in and around 40-50k words strong. At this point I have no idea which will be next but rest assured you’ll get one soon and I’m SO FREAKIN excited about all four!
Here’s a little about each one without titles, just to give you SOMETHING to look forward to for now!
A. Stand alone Romantic thriller told entirely in the h’s POV. It starts off as your typical couple stranded on a deserted island story with the slight twist that the h has no memory of her past before waking on the island. Tom, the H is no help when it comes to her identity since he didn’t know her before boarding the plane and he never even got her name. He dubs her Blue because of her striking blue eyes and it’s what she goes by the whole time she’s on the island. They experience many trials and tribulations of trying to survive. As the time passes they form a bond that becomes romantic and inevitably things get intimate. But the real twist starts when they’re saved and Blue finds out the truth about herself but even more curious the truth, or what she’s TOLD is the real truth about Tom. She’s completely floored and doesn’t know what to think especially because as the time passes nothing is what it seems to be. Her seemingly perfect life isn’t quite as she’s been made to believe. Each time she thinks she’s figured it out and is certain of who’s telling the truth something comes up and turns everything on it’s side again. I’m hoping to keep y’all guessing until the very end. 😉
B. Psychological mystery thriller told in THREE POV’s. The serial killer’s POV, the FBI agent leading the case Sebastian aka Bash Valencia, and Andrea’s POV, the person who may hold all the answers to the mystery. Bash a married man, along with his partner Kayla are leading the investigation of a mass poisoning at a fast food restaurant. It’s known early on that Bash’s wife is insecure about how much time he’s been spending with his fairly new very hot female partner. You’ll get a glimpse into the killers head every few chapters and won’t immediately know what Andrea’s involvement in this is. Time is of the essence for the two detectives to solve what’s likely the biggest case of their careers. With the entire world watching and the pressure to catch the killer mounting, Homeland security threatens to take over. After spending countless hours investigating the case they’re suddenly pulled off the case and Kayla falls apart. An innocent effort to console her turns into a “moment” of indiscretion. Immediately regretting it, Bash vows it’ll never happen again, even considers asking for a change in partners. Until the FBI gets a call from Andrea’s legal counsel saying she has information regarding the case but requests to speak specifically to the two agents who’ve been handling the case from the beginning. With Andrea’s help they finally have the major break through they’d been waiting for. But just as they’re getting close to finding the killer, Bash receives an anonymous call from someone claiming to know all about his “affair” with Kayla and threatening to pass on all the info to his wife if he doesn’t back off the case. With Homeland security detectives DYING to take the case from them and Andrea’s story not completely adding up among other strange unexplained discrepancies in the case there are many suspects and hopefully you won’t have a clue about the major twist when the truth comes out about who’s really behind the killings, the threats and WHY. Again I hope to keep you guessing until the very end.
C. Contemporary romance: I think it’s easy to guess which story this one is. Starts off as your typical baby-left- at-doorstep story but again, y’all know me. There’s a twist here too. As with most of my Contemp Romance stories this too will be told via dual POV’s. No the h isn’t anyone you’ve met in any of the other stories. She’s brand new to the series. But she is a native to Boyle Heights and a bit of a badass like Lila only not quite as “clean.” She has a kind of a shady past she’ll keep from O for good reason until it comes back and bites her in the ass and all hell breaks lose. It’s one of those scenes I’m DYING to write like when shit hit the fan in FM but I had to wait until I got to that part or it felt like cheating. =/ Very excited about this one especially since you’ll be getting more of Byron and then a glimpse of his exciting story-to-come that WILL feature a crossover character. One I’m certain will have y’all squealing with excitement! =D
D.Forbidden Love contemporary romance: Told mainly in the h’s POV but you DO get a taste of what’s going on in the H’s head every several chapters. For those of you into taboo stories this should be right up your alley. Unlike the others I actually have the blurb for this one already written down and you’ll get here NOW! 

It started off as an innocent alliance . . .

When Cami, my buddy’s sixteen-year-old daughter, came to me to vent, I thought I was doing the right thing. I’d listen to her teenage drama and pass along any information her parents should know about.

Only I couldn’t pass along what she confided in me about—her abusive father.

After assuring me she had a plan all set and would leave the moment she turned eighteen, I promised not to say or do anything that would land her in foster care. For almost a year, I was there to lend an ear as our innocent bond slowly grew stronger.

Until shit hit the fan.

Her parents had taken me into their home as a trusted friend in need. So, when they found out, they accused me of betraying their trust by luring their underage daughter into what they referred to as a secret and inappropriate relationship.

Months after being banished from their home and Cami’s life forever, I still couldn’t shake the guilt of leaving her in that abusive home. But I had too much to lose if I didn’t just walk away. Now that she’s reached out with a desperate plea for me to harbor her just until she’s eighteen, there’s no way I can refuse, despite the risk being so much bigger than when this all started . . .


So there you have it, folks. I know it seems I’ve been off the radar but I’ve just been SO BUSY writing I keep having to pull myself out of my cave for some air. Mind you these are only four of the MANY that are constantly buzzing in my head. Even as I was writing this post I kept stopping to write. So while I STARTED this post early this morning it’s now nearly noon and I’m finally getting around to hitting post. =/ Have a great week everyone and feel free to ask away if you have any questions. I LOVE talking about my WIP’s! 

Nine goes head to head with ROMERO!


Welcome to the LIVE show, everyone!!


“Okay, so some of you may not know who Nine is if this is your first Boyle Heights book. The books in the series are all stand-alone, so you could go in blind or get a glimpse of him in the previous book Beast. Either way you’d still be able to follow along just fine.

“First, let me introduce our interviewer.  He needs no introduction for MOST of you. But for those of you who haven’t read his book, he’s the hot-headed alpha with this vulnerable side most didn’t get to witness until they got to be in his head in one of the last books of my Moreno Brothers series.” romero

Let’s give a very warm welcome to Romero as he takes the stage. *Lots of chants, clapping, and whistling* Romero takes a seat on the dais across from me as he indulges the crowd with that famous sexy smirk. Then he all-out laughs as someone tosses her panties onto the stage. I peer out into the darkened audience. “Ivette, are those yours?”

Nothing but giggling and laughter erupts. I turn back to Romero, feeling my face warm, and laugh nervously. “She’s one of your biggest fans.”

The biggest!” she screams from the audience.

More laughter and chanting follow as Romero smiles wide with a nod. “I know, sweetheart.” He waves out into the audience. “I recognize those chonies from past appearances.”

“Ay, bendito!”

I can’t see out into the audience because the bright lights directly on us prevent me, but I’m worried because there’s lots of gasping now. “Can someone please check on her? Get her some water or something.”

I turn back to Romero. “Welcome back to my website studio, Romero. Always a pleasure having you. I specifically reached out to you because Nine is getting compared to you by several of our early readers.”

“Yeah, I heard, and after reading his story, I guess I can see why. But I have a bone to pick with your author lady friend Jamie.” He turns to the camera with a purpose and lifts a brow. “Move over Romero?”

I clear my throat, sitting up straighter. Crap, I didn’t think he knew about that. “Well, I’m sure she meant it figuratively. She’s also one of your biggest fans, you know.” He doesn’t seem impressed by that, so I move things along. “Let’s get on with our interview, shall we?” I turn to the audience. “If you’re new to the Boyle Heights series, then you have no idea who Nine is, but that’s okay because as I said they’re all stand-alones. If you are aware of who he is, you still likely know little about him except that he’s a sexy-as-sin man-whore, with a foul mouth who can be politically incorrect a lot of the time.” I smile at Romero. “Hence the comparisons. Without further ado, let’s bring out Mr. Rudy Kealani a.k.a. Nine.”

He strolls out from behind the curtain, sporting his own sexy grin as the crowd goes just as wild as they did for Romero. He’s wearing a snug black T-shirt with jeans, so his glorious tatted arms have the audience abuzz.

He takes a seat across from Romero, saluting Romero as he sits back, and Romero lifts a chin to him. “Sup, dude?”

For a moment, I’m staring back and forth from one to the other mindlessly, until I realize what a stupid dreamy smile I’m wearing. Clearing my throat, I turn to the audience. “So, to be clear, this is more of a quid pro quo between the two to avoid spoilers of either of their books. I wrote the questions I thought might be fun for you to hear the answers to but was mindful not to have any spoilers. Except their answers are not scripted. If you know Romero, and he’s been compared to Nine, you know this might not go my way if they start improvising.” I look back at my two grinning guys. “You’ll be good, won’t you?”

“You know us best, Eli.” Romero winks.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of.” I take a deep breath, turning to the audience, and lift my hand in the two men’s direction. “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Romero and Nine as they go head to head with a quick and dirty quid pro quo. God help me,” I mumble under my breath as I walk off and take a seat in the front row. 

As instructed, Romero starts. He’s already smiling too big, and it makes me nervous. I hold my breath and brace myself. “So, what’s with the nickname, Nine? And don’t give me no bullshit about inches either or I’ll get one of the ladies out there to take you backstage and embarrass you when she confirms the real number.”

Nine doesn’t even get a chance to retort when the volunteering hands in the audience fly up, waving frantically, and the giggling and laughter erupts. More panties fly onto the stage, and Nine’s head falls forward in laughter.

When the laughter calms to a low roar, Romero goes on. “So truthfully, not what you tell the chicks, why Nine?”

Nine shrugs. “Started off as Nine Lives and got shortened to Nine. How’s Izzy?”

The smile flattens on Romero’s face and mine. One question into this and already they’re improvising.

“Happily married,” Romero shoots back. “How’s Dee Dee?”

Thankfully, Nine smirks. “It’s Drew to you and she’s hot as ever but spoken for.”

“Didn’t stop her from looking before.”

“Um, guys,” I say, standing up. “This wasn’t in the notes.”

Someone in the audience shushes me. Is that Theresa? My editor sinks in her seat when I shoot her a scolding look. She should know as well as I do how quickly this can go south. I turn back to the guys. “Can we just stick with the original questions? The ones I wrote?” I take it a bit further and flutter my lashes. “Pretty please?”

They both nod as Nine continues. “I’d ask the audience if they could blame Dee for looking outside that relationship, but I’ll respect Eli’s wishes and get on with this. First impression of Izzy?”

Not surprising, Romero’s instantly smiling. “Mrs. Romero to you. Didn’t know it then, but in hindsight, I know now I fell in love that first day at the wedding shower. Just thought she might be too uptight to give into anything with someone like me.” Without letting Nine respond to that, I already know which of my questions Romero will lay on Nine next. “You started out adamant about not being into white chicks. What happened?”

“Dee happened.” Nine smiles smugly as if he need not say anymore and he doesn’t—about that. “Still talk to Cici?”

“Nope. Still talk to Becca?”

Not on the script! Not on the script!  “Guys, no spoilers!”

Nine nods at me with a smile then turns to Romero.Touché, and hell no.

There’s only a few more questions left, and I pray they don’t come up with any more of their own.

Best moment of your life?” Nine asks.

“Too many to name, but off the top of my head, the day Izzy said I do.” The audience ahs all at once; then the giggling starts up even as most hold their hand to their chest still. Romero turns and flashes that smirk at them but turns back to Nine just as quickly. “Worst moment of your life?”

“Can’t say without spoilers,” Nine says then adds, “But I will say some of the lowest had to do with disappointing my moms. One of the other lowest was walking away from a certain wedding, thinking that may be the end. “

Romero nods, looking serious suddenly. “Walked away from a party, feeling the same way myself once upon a time. So, I hear you.”

Nine laughs. “Yeah, except I walked out on my own. I wasn’t escorted out in handcuffs.”

“Oh yeah, funny guy?” Romero laughs and I brace myself. “Well, fiancé or not, no fucking way would I let a dude do to me what Brad did—”

“That’s about all we have time for, everyone!” I hurry up onto the stage as the moans, groans, and boos start up. “You don’t want them spoiling it for you, right?”

“I do!” several ladies yell out.

“Well, many don’t, so we’ll cut it here and thank Nine and Romero for joining us and having a little fun with us today.”

The audience more than thanks them as kissing noises start up and a few more panties make it onto the stage again. I gotta wonder if these women brought extras or if they’re really pulling theirs off.  The guys stand up and wave at the half-cheering half-booing crowd. I know exactly who they’re booing at. And it’s not Nine or Romero. >.<

“Until next time, everyone! Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to leave a review to let everyone know what you think of Nine! Goodnight, everyone! You can read excerpts and grab purchase links for Romero by clicking on the cover below.


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