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The De Luca Boys #1

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If you’re confuse about why this is a RE-release,

check out the cover reveal post from Tuesday this past week!



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Cover reveal & GIVEAWAY!!! Remi’s Choice! 1

(The De Luca Boys #1)

Coming THIS Friday 10-6-17!!


Sinfully sexy Travis De Luca came into Remi’s life when she
was young, inexperienced, and easily dazzled. With his
scandalous words and wickedly sexy grins, he possessed a
power no one should have over another. He was a foul
mouthed, trouble-making thug to everyone else, but she’d
witnessed the vulnerable side he hid so well. After one earth-
shattering experience and his declaration of love, her body
and soul were hooked.

When Travis is sent away without warning, Kristiano De Luca
—his equally sexy cousin—comes into Remi’s life as a friend
when she needs one most. After years with no word and waiting for Travis to come back, she loses hope, and the friendship she’s built with Kris grows into something beautiful that fills the void Travis left behind.

But a surprise return from Travis and one passionate night
with him throw all their lives into chaos, and nothing will
ever be the same again.

Author’s note to reader: Imagine two heroes with your all time favorite qualities. Hot, bad boy, tattoos, dirty mouths, hot head alpha to a fault and possessive as ALL hell. Both going for the same girl!
This is a full length stand alone novel with no cliffy and an HEA.
Due to HOT sexual content and adult language this book is not recommended for any one under 18.


Well-written and so deliciously naughty, you will not want to put your kindle down.

BF Bookies

Oh, the epic love triangle story! I’m sorry, but this one is—by far—one of the best I have ever read.

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Understandably many of you have many questions about this RE-RELEASE. I’ve put together a quick Q&A with some of the most asked questions I’ve received about this. Feel free to reach out if you have any more and I’ll do my best to answer them all. Keep scrolling all the way down to find out how you can win a copy of the VERY limited edition paperback of Remi’s Choice!

Why is this a RE-release? I don’t remember you ever releasing it before.

For those of you who missed it. I released this under a pen name Amanda Wylde back in late spring of 2016. While the title has been pulled from all retailers the listing is still on Goodreads and will remain the same one for this one. So you can still read what reviewers had to say about it NOW before it even re-releases.

Why did you release it under a pen name to begin with? Because of the content of the story. I personally enjoy a good juicy love triangle. But I know to so many readers cheating is a hard limit. The stubborn story however (like all my others) was begging to be written so I decided I would but publish under a pen name.

Why did you pull it from retailers? Promoting a book under a literally unknown name proved to be VERY challenging. This is going to be a series so once it leaked that I was the real writer and I came clean anyway, I decided to save myself the headache of trying to promote the rest of the stories under a pen name. So I decided to pull, rework, and re-release this using my name along with the rest of the books in the series.

Did you change the story?  No for those who’ve read the story it’s essentially the same story with added bonus content. the biggest thing that changed is the tense. I’d tried to disguise my style by writing in present tense. So I decided now that I’ll be adding my name to the book, I’d make it more mine and rewrite it in past tense, along with adding little more of my style to the writing. But the story is the same.

If I bought the first version will I have to pay for this one again?  I’m not sure yet. I would like to be able to use the same listing as I did with the first one. That means I’d keep the reviews already up on Amazon and other retailers. Then you could just have your current book updated. BUT if I’m unable to or decide not to so you can keep both the old and new versions this would be my first EVER book I’ll release for the discounted price of $.99 cents. Keep in mind that would be a time sensitive discounted price. So be sure to purchase yours within the first week of release to take advantage of the discount!

Why are you changing the cover? I loved the original one.
Agreed the original cover was gorgeous. However while some of my back list titles have been labeled erotica by third parties, this is my first series that I’ll be labeling erotica. The first cover was a bit too sweet. I want readers who are used to the heat in most of my books to know just by looking at the cover that the level of heat in this book is MUCH hotter than my norm. So readers be warned. This one gets VERY HOT!

I read the first version and I’ve been dying for the next in the series. When do you anticipate releasing that one?

I’m shooting for 2018. But what part of the year remains to be seen. I have a few other in the works I’m currently working on. But Forbidden Summer is already on Goodreads so you can add it to your TBR shelf now!

Now for the Giveaway!!!

This is an LIMITED EDITION ARC of the original book the way I’d  written it when I used a pen name.

It’s why there are only very few of them in existence. The new edition with the new cover will replace this. But since I still have a few I will do a giveaway for FIVE COPIES! 

How to enter? Simply share this post or any of my social media posts and let me know either in the comments here or on my facebook, Twitter or Instagram. and be automatically entered to win.!!

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Jo Lawless

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$25 gift card winner is Marcy Meyer!

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