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In case you missed it, we had a teaser of Byron’s story yesterday in THIS POST. Get the rest of that teaser now and MORE TO COME!!!

He knew it. He fucking knew it. Only solace Byron would take from this now was that at least he knew he hadn’t unfairly judged her. He wasn’t being an insecure little bitch like he’d begun to think. That at a moment like the one they’d been having she’d be thinking of not just Richard. Not just her fucking ex, but Richie spoke volumes.

“Richie?” Just saying it turned his already nauseated stomach. “Is that what you usually call him? Or is that only when he’s touching you the way I—”

“No!” She shook her head trying to reach out for him, but he backed up not wanting any part of her touching him now.

Worst thing is while she still hadn’t said much, the look in her eyes said it all. This hadn’t been just a slip. She’d likely been thinking of that fucker the whole time. “I just misspoke, Byron.”


As pissed at this made him, Byron wasn’t sure what made him madder. The fact that she looked guilty as fuck or that his dumb ass was feeling something else than the only thing he should be feeling—incensed.

He wanted the rage to drown out the infuriating ache in his heart. It had no business being there. She had no business being there and he’d known it all along.

“Misspoke?” He glared at her trying not to show the hurt. “Just when I was—”

“I’m sorry.” She brought her hand to her mouth as her brows pinched and there it was.

“Don’t apologize.”

“It’s just that—”

“Don’t be sorry, _____.” He realized he was getting loud, but he couldn’t help it. “Don’t be sorry that your ex is on your mind even when—”

“It’s not that.” She shook her head. “I just spoke with him today and he’s not my ex.”

Bullshit!” Sucking in a sharp breath Byron willed himself to calm down. “Not that it matters but don’t fucking lie to me now. It is what it is. You hung out with him, like your hanging with me, right?”

“Your so much more.”

“But you’re thinking of him while . . .” He couldn’t even say it? What the fuck was wrong with him? “While I’m rubbing myself on—”

“Byron!” She was uncharacteristically loud as she brought her hand to her mouth and spun around so he couldn’t see her face.

“Byron what?” he asked confused.

She was going to cry now? Now that she’d gotten his name right? She turned around to face him, and her eyes did look slightly glistened. But he wouldn’t fall for it. He wouldn’t give in like a chump and back off. He wasn’t being too hard on her even though seeing her nearly in tears did shit to him he should not be feeling. Especially after this.

“I just misspoke,” she explained again even as her hand remained over her mouth. “I was thinking of him earlier. Something I was going to mention to you about him earlier but then the conversation veered off and I guess his name just stayed in my head.”

Horseshit. “You were gonna tell me something about Richie?” 

“Well no . . . I mean . . .” She fumbled with her words then went on. “I- I just sometimes call him that. But it doesn’t—”

Byron’s phone rang on the counter interrupting her stuttering lies but he hit the button to send the call to voicemail. “Just get out.” He couldn’t take hearing her lies anymore but mostly unable to stand the pain of looking into those beautiful eyes knowing she’d so easily played him. “Get the hell out, and don’t ever call me again.”

“Byron no. Please, hear me out. I can explain.”

“Explain what, _________? That you’re thinking of your ex while you’re spending time with me?”


She reached out and tried to touch him again, but he flinched his hand back. “Get the fuck off me.” He motioned to her phone. “Call Richie. Tell him you’re free to go now or maybe you’ve been free all this time, you just couldn’t hang with him tonight because you’d already made plans.” 

“No, I haven’t done anything with him since . . .” She paused with an odd expression on her face then shook her head. “A week ago?”

“You were with him a week ago?” His strained words were a near whisper as the brutal reality sunk in.  

“I mean! It was only once.”

The blinding rage nearly blurred his vision and he welcomed it. Anything was better than the instant boulder that’d lodged in his throat after she delivered the infuriating yet painful truth. “Get out!”

“It was a quickie.”

“Get the fuck out!”


Once again I PROMISE YOU, you WILL NOT hate her! In fact you’ll LOVE her.



SO!! Are you excited? This is just the second of my WIP’s. I have MORE! I’ll get you a few more snippet/teasers of those before you get a full book to devour! I love you all for being so patient with me and hanging in there. I PROMISE it’ll be worth the wait! I’ll be back with more in a few! HAPPY new year! And I’ll announce the winners of both yesterdays and today’s giveaways before the end of the weekend!