Happy New Year!!!


Happy 2019 everyone! 


Have y’all missed me? I’ve missed you! 2018 was something else! I know life is always changing and I’ve learned to just go with it. Why fight it right? But the changes brought upon me last year have sort of derailed my writing schedule. It’s why I decided to put out a short for the holidays to give you guys a little something in between my last release and my next. 

In case ya’ll missed it I put out a Moreno brother short. I shared a new episode a week via my newsletter from my birthday in November through Christmas.


It was exclusive for my news letter subscribers only! Who was the short about? Sofie and Eric! If you’ve read their story you know Eric went away to Spain after the holidays for an internship. Something happened while he was out there that he never told Sofie about. Many of you were upset about this and for YEARS I got messages asking me why. So I decided to write a short where he finally comes clean and it was an explosive one! You can read the very first episode and more details about it by clicking on the cover above. 

If you aren’t a subscriber or weren’t then, you missed it!  It’s over!! Oh, no! I’m so sorry!! But wait . .. wait!! Stop giving me that face!!

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I’ve got good news for you! There will be more exclusive shorts!! So, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter do it now or you’ll be sniveling s’more into your glass of wine! Because it’s the only way you’ll get them!

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Best part about it, is in future newsletters I’ll be sharing the links to any past exclusive shorts you may’ve missed! Yay!!!! But don’t forget to sign up because I have new newsletter coming very soon that will include some exciting announcements about who the next short is about and maybe even some exclusive sneak peeks of coming projects! So if ya haven’t done it now maybe Ryan can convince you. Click on his image below! 


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Saying goodbye to 2018 

What you may’ve missed last year:


We Were One

Available everywhere.

Click on the graphic above for purchase links.



NINE (Boyle Heights #3)


 Available everywhere.

Click on cover for purchase links! 

The baby of the house turned ONE! And after giving us a scare the year before our old guy made it another year and turned 10! He’s still kickin by the way!! 



But hands down the highlights of my year were my Meet and Greet in May. We had such a blast! Thank you Rosie for putting it together! 

  Then in the epic BookBonanza18 where I got to meet so many more of my royal sisters! I had such a blast and I’ll cherish the memories forever!!!  

If you haven’t already joined my street team you have no idea what you’re missing! The Royal Sisters are the ABSOLUTE best! I’ve been so blessed to have each and every one of them come into my life! PLUS we have so much fun in the group, sharing, venting, playing games, discussing my books in the Spoiler Room and doing things like Secret Santa and much much more! Come join the fun! I PROMISE you won’t regret it! 




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2019 is already feeling REAL exciting! I can hardly wait to hear your thoughts on this years upcoming stories! Loved you all since the beginning and I love you more with every year that passes! Thanks for your patience. I promise I’ll get more stories out for you soon!