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HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!! Ready for more teasers of what’s coming this year?


Okay so in case you don’t know or remember who Byron is you need to re-read or READ Beast and Nine where you meet him then get to know a LITTLE more about him. Then even more in Orlando’s story. Just to give you a refresher he’s the brother Beast never knew he had until almost the end of his story. In Beast he’s MUCH younger than him, as in about 17 but Byron’s story will be the beginning of a new crossover series that I’ll hopefully start putting stories out for this year. It’ll be part of my SecondGen series where I’ll be bringing back second generation characters from my previous series. This is why I’ve left his love interest’s name out because like Regina in Breaking Brandon, you’ll get that “Ah ha” moment WELL into the story.

Just to make things clear, we jump SEVERAL years ahead AFTER Orlando’s story when we start Byron’s story Not Even Close (Name of series to com) and by then Byron has had few tragic incidents happen that have hardened his demeanor. He’s far more bitter and cynical than the younger more lighthearted Byron you may remember. Therefor he has trust issues . . . but at this point in his story he’s begun to give into his heart and just go with his feelings.

NOW before you get to the end of this snippet TRUST ME when I say no you won’t hate her. I PROMISE you you’ll LOVE her even after I share a little more of this jaw dropping, how-dare-she scene with you tomorrow, or maybe tonight even. Enjoy the building DRAMA. 😉 And let me know what you think!!!


Taking a break because he noticed the missed call from __________, Byron went upstairs to his apartment to call her back. “Hey, you,” she answered, and he could already hear the giddiness in her voice.

Of course, it had him smiling big. Albeit nervously because what hearing what this young girl’s voice did to him now, hell what just seeing the missed call from her did to him scared the hell out of him. He only hoped her answering like she did meant she was also feeling the same ridiculousness he was.

“Hey, missed your call.”

“Yeah, I’m getting ready to leave to the market to pick up what I’ll need to make you dinner tonight. I was on the phone with my sister just now and she mentioned something I hadn’t even thought of when I told her what I’m making you. You’re not allergic to shellfish, are you?”

Smiling big, Byron shook his head as he opened the fridge. “Nope. Seafoods my favorite actual—”

“No no,” she said quickly. “Don’t think about it. I still want it to be a surprise, but I just want it to make sure. So, I don’t want you trying to guess.”

After taking a swig of milk from the box Byron smiled again putting it back in the fridge and closing the door. “Okay, I won’t think about it. I’d rather think about you anyway.” Glancing at the clock on the microwave he saw it was near closing time already. “What time you getting here?”

He could hear her footsteps clink on the floor and then what sounded like the chains on her dorm room door opening. “I’m literally walking ou—”

“Hey, ________ perfect timing.”

The guy talking had to be close because Byron heard him perfectly. “Who’s that?”

She didn’t respond at first and it sounded like for a moment she muffled the phone. While muffled a bit Byron still made out what she said. “I’m in a hurry right now, Richard.”

Whatever Richard said Byron couldn’t make out, but he did make out what she said. “I can’t right now.”

Richard said something else Byron couldn’t make out and then the phone was unmuffled and she spoke into it this time. “Byron, let me call you back.”

“Who’s Richard?”

“Just . . .” She huffed a bit then went on in a lowered voice. “I’ll call you in a little bit when I’m in my car, okay?”

The phone clicked, and she hung up. Byron glanced down at the phone instantly feeling hot. The fuck?

Instinctively he was going to hit send and call her back—demand answers—but he didn’t. Instead he took a deep breath trying not to put too much weight on what Nine had said to him more than once now. Nineteen-year-old girls are perfect. Most are just discovering how good sex can be and enjoying how many dudes are willing to help them get their freak on.  

Nine had said it so nonchalant as if his statement was a fact—that most nineteen-year-old girls were freaks. As much as Byron would like to argue the fact, he couldn’t. Not only had __________ just turned nineteen, her sexual energy went hand in hand with that giddy personality of hers. The one he’d been so uncharacteristically drawn to, even from across a crowded gym. Her enthusiasm in bed despite her admitting sex was fairly new to her was one any man would appreciate.      

Why couldn’t Byron’s ass just be good with that? Why couldn’t this be just like all the other chicks he bagged? Byron didn’t understand why—how—this girl had gotten under his skin this fast. Sure, she was hot, but he’d been with plenty of other hot girls before. So, she had this way about her that made his broody ass lighten up no matter what. And that contagious laugh that had him smiling and even laughing so much like he never had in his life. Big deal? She was still just another chick.

Despite the inner debate trying to persuade him to let this be, twenty agonizing minutes later he was just about to give in and call her when his phone rang. When he saw her name on the screen he picked it up taking a deep breath and willing his patience to not give out on him.


“Sorry about that,” she said as he pressed his lips together and he closed his eyes but nodded as if she could see him.

Of course, there was only one thing on his mind now. “Who’s Richard?”

“He’s my neighbor well . . .” She stopped to clear her throat. “That and a guy I went out for a little bit there.”

Pressing his lips together even tighter he squeezed the empty water bottle in his hand and threw it in the trash can a little harder than he normally would’ve. “Oh, yeah? What’d he want?”

“To talk. He’s umm . . . wanting to pick up where we left off.”

Byron stopped in the middle of the room when he realized he’d been pacing. “What does that mean?”

“You know, go back to dating. But I told him I was hanging with someone new now.”

Hanging? This close to asking exactly what she meant by that, Byron decided he wouldn’t be a girl about this. She’d turned the guy down and that’s all that should matter right? Only his ass couldn’t leave it at that.

“I thought you said you hadn’t done the relationship thing since high school?”

“I haven’t,” she said immediately. “I just hung out with Richard a few times. But it wasn’t a relationship.”

Hung out. There was that wording again. What the hell did she mean by that? Did she sleep with this guy too? Is that what she was doing with Byron? Hanging with someone new now?

“Listen,” she said, and Byron could hear what sounded like a car door opening then the beeping sound as if she’d just put her keys in the ignition. “I’ll likely be about a half hour or so at the market but then it’s okay if I go straight to your place after?”

Double checking the time on the microwave just to be sure he hadn’t mistaken what felt like an eternity between the time she hung up on him and when she called back, Byron confirmed it had been over twenty minutes.

“Are you just now getting in your car?”

“Yeah.” She huffed like she had earlier when she’d sounded like she really didn’t want to give Richard any of her time. “Richard can be a little long winded. I hadn’t talked to him in a while, so we caught up on a few things. But I’m on my way now.”

Biting his tongue because he didn’t want to start this. He didn’t want to demand to know what they were catching up on and why the hell had she not stuck to her initial, I don’t have time, response. It was too damn early in their relationship—if in fact this was what their hanging out was—to start arguing over something so petty. Byron wouldn’t ruin the night over this. But something told him they’d be getting back to the topic of Richard for damn sure. 

He went back to her previous question and told her it was fine if she came over right after she stopped at the market. Of course, it was fine. He could hardly wait to see her again.  He’d thought about it all week and now he felt a little stupid. Like maybe he was jumping ahead of himself here. Just because he was feeling a lot more for her than he had any girl didn’t mean this wasn’t more than just hanging out to her. He had to back the fuck up here. Enjoy this for what it was worth.

Once back at the shop after getting off the phone with __________ he tried to shake the tension her calls had brought on. It wasn’t until almost forty-five minutes later when he saw her car pull into the parking lot of the shop that he finally eased up. Just seeing her smile when he walked out, and their eyes met, it did what that smile always did to him now. It had him smiling from ear to ear despite his earlier qualms.

He met her at the back of her car by her trunk. Before she could open the trunk, he pulled her to him and she eagerly wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her, and it felt as if she was feeling everything he was feeling as well.

Determined to not ruin shit by getting all pushy Byron enjoyed the taste of her sweet mouth a little longer kissing her so deep she moaned then giggled. He pulled away and was instantly smiling again at the sight of her bright eyes.

“Oh my God,” she said breathlessly with a coy smile as she gazed in his eyes. “That was hot.”

“Yeah, it was.” He adjusted his crotch not so subtly which only made her giggle more.

“To be continued,” she said as she turned to her trunk and opened it. “You can’t look in the bags and you have to give me a moment to set up in the kitchen so that it’s not so obvious what I’m making okay?”

Byron wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, not caring that there was no missing the massive erection that pushed up against her. She stiffened slightly then laughed under her breath. “Tonight’s gonna be fun.”

“Damn straight.” Giving into his feelings he buried his face in her neck. “I missed you, baby.”

For a moment she didn’t say anything, and Byron started to regret being so open, so soon and the slip of the term of endearment. Until she turned around suddenly to face him with a big almost surprised smile and brought her hand to his face. “I missed you too.”

Gazing deep into her eyes, Byron wondered if she could hear his pounding heart. What the hell was wrong with him? She kissed him softly this time. Not frantically hot like they’d kissed earlier but emotionally it was still insanely intense. She then took a deep breath. “Well, we’re off to a good start tonight.”

Byron kissed her one last time before grabbing a handful of bags from the trunk of her car. She grabbed a few bags and closed her trunk. “I’ll come back for my overnight bag later.”

With the shop closed now and everyone gone home they had the whole place to themselves. In spite of their hands being full the whole way up the stairs was nonstop kissing and giggling.

As expected once they reached the kitchen and rid themselves of the bags they were once again all over each other. Laughing between frantic kisses __________ pushed him back gently. “I need to get started on what I’m gonna make and you need to vamoose it out of here for just a few minutes until I’m all set up.”

After stealing a few more hungry kisses, Byron gave in and decided he’d go take shower and change out of his work clothes. He took marathon quick shower and was out and fully dressed within minutes. As quickly as he begun to make his way out into the kitchen he slowed when he heard her hushed voice.

“. . . because . . .” She paused for a second. “I know. I know but he already thinks that I’m . . .”

Her voice lowered even more to where he couldn’t hear what she was saying anymore except he could definitely hear hushed talking still going on. Byron’s heart sped up as his mind jumped to all kinds of conclusions about the odd behavior.

Straining to hear more, Byron didn’t move from just outside the kitchen door but even the hushed talking was inaudible now. Was she off the phone now? When he finally decided to walk into the kitchen she was doing something—leaning over looking at her phone screen that sat on the counter—then flinched noticeably when she heard him. She brought her hand to her chest with a gasp. “Jesus, you scared me.”

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, I was just checking my texts.”

“Who were you on the phone with?”

Her eyes widened as if his inquiry surprised her. Did she really think he hadn’t heard her? Byron tried not to stare at her too hard, too accusatory, but her unnerved demeanor really did make it feel like he’d caught her red handed. Question was, what the hell had he caught her doing?

“My sister,” she said but glanced away too quickly. “We were discussing what we’re getting our dad for his birthday.” She glanced back at him with what felt like a more genuine, less nervous smile. “It’s his birthday next week. __________ and I told him we both have finals for the next few weeks, so he thinks neither of us will be able to make it home for a while.” She smiled even bigger. “Our surprising him when we get home next weekend will be part of his gift. But we’re also getting him tickets to a fight in Vegas. Well,” she shrugged turning back to the cutting board on the counter. “My brother already got them. Mom helped because they were expensive”

She proceeded to start chopping onions. Byron felt the tension drain from his stiff neck and shoulders because this did sort of make sense with the direction her hushed conversation seemed to be going. But why whisper? And why had she been so jumpy and looked so unnerved when he walked into the kitchen?

Byron decided maybe she hadn’t been. Maybe his whipped ass was just jumping to conclusions because his head kept going back to his initial misgivings about getting involved with someone so young. Maybe his insecure ass was looking to find something that wasn’t there.

Wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, he kissed the side of her head. He was done. Done, being so suspicious of everything. Done trying to justify his reservations about doing this with her. He’d just go with this and enjoy it. So far, despite all his doubts, she’d been perfect. Well, except for still keeping in touch with an ex shit but then she did say she didn’t really consider anything with Richard a relationship. So, for now, Byron would just let it go.

“Can I start guessing now?”

“No, not yet.” She reached for the tomato and started chopping that. “You’ll figure it out sooner than later. This is very common so I’m sure you’ve had it. But my family’s restaurant adds a little twist to it. It’s been one of my favorite things on the menu for as long as I can remember.” 

As __________ continued to prepare everything Byron watched unable to keep his hands and lips off her for too long. Through it all she returned the affection with just as much willingness. At times turning around altogether to give into his deep kisses, then exhaling all overly wistful and giggling at her own silliness.

Halfway through the meal she prepared, Byron was just about convinced. The endearing way she responded to Byron’s was too genuine to be faked. His inability to keep his hands and lips off her should’ve been annoying, it was so bad. Instead she seemed to welcome it as cheerfully as only she could be. As usual she was full of happy energy as she laughed and spoke excitedly all the while accepting his lustful kisses and groping. There was no denying she was enjoying her time with him as much as he enjoyed being around him             

Byron followed her around the kitchen like a pathetic little puppy dog and he didn’t even care. He was sold now. Each time he kissed her, and she kept her eyes closed even after he was finished as if she wasn’t ready to stop enjoying what it made her feel, he knew she had it as bad as he did. She didn’t even try to hide how enamored she was feeling, and it was such a fucking relief because he was done trying to tone down his feelings for her.

She continued to cook talking the whole way as she put it all together. Her cooking skills were impressive. Clearly, she’d been raised in a restaurant environment since it all seemed so second nature to her. From the quick deveining of the shrimp, to slapping the masa together to cook the homemade gorditas.

He was standing behind her again, his hands roaming her body, from her dainty waist down the side of her hips. __________ giggled when his hands came around to her ass and he squeezed with a groan. “You know it looks and smells delicious, but I can hardly wait for this.” Rubbing his ready-to-go cock against her ass he kissed her neck again. “And this.” He nipped her neck this time sucking a little harder making her squirm away laughing.

“Stop it, Richie—”

Like tires coming to a screeching stop, the playing halted instantly as both of them went stiff. Byron released her roughly feeling his insides ignite and she cleared her throat. “I mean Byron, I’m trying—”

“The fuck did you just call me?” 

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