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Yeah why is that Nine? Read a longer part of this scene and hear his explanation!


Drew waved her hand in front of his face, snapping him out of his thoughts, and he shook his head, feeling like an idiot.

“I said I’ll have a glass.” Drew smiled nervously, but there was something slightly off about it. Not like when she’d laughed so genuinely earlier. Obviously she’d caught him in La-La land again. Was it starting to make her uncomfortable?

Pulling the cork out of the bottle, he chastised himself inwardly for continuing to get caught zoning out. He’d seen other guys get all tongue-tied and twisted around girls. Nine had never been one of those guys, and so far, thankfully, Drew seemed reserved enough. Not like one of those girls who might call him out on his shit.

Remembering her comment from way back about talking too much and having no secrets when she drank, Nine poured her a generous amount. All he had to do was be cool and wait for the wine to kick in, and he’d have the unspoken upper hand again.

“Curious,” she said as he handed her the glass of wine. Nine looked her straight in the eyes, ready for whatever it was she might hit him with. “Earlier you made a comment about being stuck in here with a hot girl.” The way she was looking at him, brow arching even, felt like she’d just become as determined as he was of keeping the upper hand here—if that’s even what they were doing. “But prior to that, you were going to say beautiful, only you changed your mind. Why is that?”

Gulping, Nine took a deep breath then a swig of his wine. She’d been right. The wine was the perfect balance of sweet and dry. Only at the moment he couldn’t even enjoy it. He was too caught up in the way she was searching his eyes and waiting for a response.


It was a valid question. This was in no way flirting or fishing for compliments. Drew really was just curious. It seemed odd that he’d start to say it then take it back only to replace it with a different compliment.

Nine did the same thing she’d seen him do more than once today. His initial reaction to her question seemed to catch him off guard. But just like all the other times she thought maybe she’d hit a nerve or even caught him blatantly checking her out, he recovered fast enough and was even grinning now.

“My moms told me way back that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Being beautiful is not the same as being hot. Sure you can be both, but you can also be the plainest-looking person on the planet and yet be the most beautiful person on earth—to the right person, that is.” He touched his chest with a grin. “Beauty comes from in here. But you have to get to know someone a lot better before you can know if they truly are just hot or beautiful in every way.”

“So hot is less than beautiful?” Drew asked, wondering if maybe she should feel even a tiny bit slighted.

“Well, yeah. In this day and age, with all the drive-thru plastic surgery clinics and photoshopping, there’s a shit ton of fake hot people out there. The right clothes, hair, and makeup, and few shots of Botox here and there.” He snapped his finger in front of him. “All those things can make the most ordinary person look hot. But there’s so much more to being beautiful.” He took another sip of his wine before taking a seat in the sitting area and then going on. “Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t take it back because I’m saying you’re not beautiful. All I’m saying is I don’t know you well enough yet to make such a declaration.”


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