Upcoming projects!

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Want something to look forward to?  

Bookmark this page as I update often! The first three are the only ones in order. The order of the rest on the list may vary as the story’s come to me. 

BEAST – A novel  (Boyle Heights #2)  Summer 2017

We Were One Reverse POV (Looking Glass series) TBA

NINE – A novel (Boyle Heights #3) 2018

Remi’s Choice – A novel  (De Luca Boys #1) RE-release TBA

MORENO’S – A series prequel novel (Moreno Brothers) TBA

Forbidden Summer – A novel (De Luca Boys #2) TBA

Untitled. – A novel (Boyle Heights #4) 2018

Cover reveals coming soon!

We Were One


Remi’s Choice (NEW cover!)

I have more in both the Looking Glass and De Luca Boy’s series but I will add them when I start on them. Not all titles have links to them yet but come back often as I will update often!