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Uninvited Cover & blurb #reveal + #GIVEAWAY!


A romantic suspense that will keep you on the EDGE of your seat!


Cover design by PixelMischief


When Aiyanna Casilieris becomes stranded in a snowed in mountain cabin, the last thing she imagined was that she’d be welcoming a wickedly sexy intruder to keep her company. But within days, she’s invited him to do so much more.

First instincts are usually right. 

Falling for someone on the rebound is never a good idea. But Nathan Romero has never been one to pass up a harmless and meaningless good time. Even when it turns out the sexy stranger he’s stranded with is a lot more innocent than he imagined.

Even before they’re rescued, he finds himself asking for more time with her once they’re out of there. As their relationship back in the real world intensifies, nothing surprises Nathan anymore. Not how fast things move between them nor even their talk of moving in together.

Anything too good to be true . . . always is.
Surrounded by friends and family who are all for the relationship despite it moving at lightning speed, Nathan couldn’t be surer that what he’s feeling for Aiyanna is the real deal. Things between them couldn’t be more perfect. Until the unspeakable happens.

Could their love survive the most brutal of betrayals, especially when there’s no  denying it? Or was their rapid but perfect relationship really too good to be true?


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Ask the heroes of the Fate series!

First of all Happy mums day to all you mums overseas! Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

Second we have something very exciting going on. In light of the most recent release in the Fate series


Available now EVERYWHERE!

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 A few weeks ago we had YOU the readers submit questions to the heroes of the Fate series your burning questions! For the next 4 weekends you’ll be  getting the sizzling answers!


Just to give you a refresher of Fate here are a couple of fun teasers I shared with you WAY back before it was ever released!

Rose texting

Rose Teaser T

Here is my inspiration for young rebellious

Vincent Moreno

Vince 1

And here are some of your questions and his responses!

1) Does Rose talk to Ben at all?

As far as I know she still keeps in touch occasionally via social media. But she doesn’t have any kind of communication with him outside of that.

2) Vince you say you loved Rose so much than why didn’t you have your brother go tell her the truth instead of just writing the letters?

Because at first things were bad enough. I didn’t want to complicate anything by having her know the truth until everything was settled and I was in the military. And then I told her the truth. The whole truth. I just didn’t realize she’d never read the letters. I assumed she didn’t want anything to do with me. Especially after I found out she’d moved on and was seeing someone else.

3) As we know your parents forced you to attend the Moreno party where you first met Rose, My question is where do you think you would be now if you hadn’t gone to that family party?

Click here for the answer to question #3 and the rest of the exclusive Q&A with Vincent Moreno! And don’t forget to come back next week March 13th for the exclusive Q&A of that sexy as sin Marine  drill sergeant Brandon Billings!

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We had technical difficulties but we’re back!


As luck would have it my website goes down the week before my release and stayed down the entire weekend of the release of

His To Guard!


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Reviews are already coming in and readers are LOVING IT! Here’s just a little of what they’re saying!

“I loved his alpha male tendencies, and the fact that he tried to pretend that he didn’t care, but couldn’t help when his jealousy and possessiveness came out! “

“What a roller coaster love connection Isaiah and Kelli have.
I have to say that for me this a MUST read.”

His to Guard kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end! It’s a beautiful story that will make you feel all kinds of different emotions.”

So HOW am I making up for this technical glitch?


There is a huge one going on in the facebook group

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