5th Street Valentine’s message BONUS SCENE

This was a fun Valentine’s day post I was invited to participate in by the gals over at Totally Booked book blog! I want to say this was back in 2013? I know for sure (and you can see for yourself in the post) Abel and Nellie weren’t a couple yet. 😉 Oh fun!

Valentine’s 2013?

Hey Gitte & Jenny!

My 5th Street guys put together a little Valentine ’s Day video for you, but Hector didn’t realize he didn’t turn the camera off, so you got a little extra behind the scenes stuff. I was going to tell him but decided you might enjoy watching the whole thing. Unfortunately he did turn it off eventually.

*Video starts.*

“Ready?” Hector asked Noah then turned and smiled into the webcam.

“Hey, Gitte & Jenny! Thanks for having us. I’m Hector,” he nudged Noah, who was engrossed in bottle-feeding his baby.

Noah looked up and smiled. “I’m Noah and this is my son, Jack.” He lifted the baby’s hand and waved at the webcam.

“I’m Gio,” Gio leaned in from behind then did a quick flex of his arm.

“And this,” Hector waved over Abel, who leaned against the kitchen counter. “This big guy is my brother and boxing’s next heavyweight champ of the world.”

Abel rolled his eyes, walking over to smirk into the webcam. “How’s it going Totally Booked ladies?” He glanced over at Hector. Hector smiled reassuringly so Abel would know he got it right.

“We’re the 5th Street Boys.” Hector said.

“Wishing you beautiful ladies,” Gio added, leaning over and staring into the camera like an ass. The girls had always gone gah gah over his green eyes, and he knew it too, “and all the sexy Totally Booked readers a very happy—”

“And romantic,” Noah interjected.

“Or just hot and slippery,” Abel grinned, walking back to the lean against the kitchen counter.

Hector frowned in Abel’s direction but smiled as soon as he turned back to the webcam. “Valentine’s day. Thanks for having us and have a great one!”

He thought he hit the stop button and turned back to Abel. “Really dude? Hot and slippery? This is gonna be posted on that book blog for everyone to see.”

Abel didn’t even look up from his phone and continued tapping away at it. “Hey, maybe not yours but it’s what my Valentines is gonna be like. And 5th Street boys? That sounds like a fruity boy band.”

“No, it doesn’t.” Hector thought about it for a moment then Abel’s hot and slippery comment. His publicist would probably be all over him for that. He turned back to Noah and Gio. “You guys wanna do it again?”

“Nah, I’ve done enough PR stuff for the day,” Abel said quickly.

Jack began whimpering and Noah stood. “Yeah, I think Jack’s done cooperating.”

“It’s cool,” Gio assured Hector. “If Abel doesn’t care that the girls over at Totally Booked don’t think he’s the most romantic, why should you? Speaking of which,” Gio smiled as he stood up, “this is your first Valentine’s with a chick—”

“I’ve had plenty of Valentine’s with chicks,” Hector smirked, clicking open a different window.

“Yeah, yeah,” Gio said. “I mean with one who’s actually your girlfriend. You got any plans?”

“You should get Charlee something real nice since it’s your first time.” Noah said from the kitchen as he stood baby Jack on the kitchen island. “Roni says she so shy and sweet. She’s probably into flowers or maybe some kind of charm bracelet. It’s what I got Roni our first Valentines.”

Hector grinned inwardly, but no way was he telling these guys or anyone about what Charlee was really into. That was his sinful secret to enjoy all to himself. The girls walked in the back door just then, giggling and talking all at once.

“I still say he was flirting with Charlee.” Bianca said.

Hector’s brow shot up immediately. “Who was flirting with Charlee?”

“Easy slugger,” Abel laughed.

“He was just being nice.” Charlee smiled sweetly at Hector. “But his friend did ask Nellie for her number.”

Hector looked back at Abel with a grin. His brother wasn’t laughing now. He didn’t say a word, but there was no hiding the quick change in his mood.

“Did you give it to him?” Bianca asked, taking her sweater off as Gio wrapped himself around her from behind.

Nellie shrugged as she took off some of her winter layers. She glanced in Abel’s direction quickly then back at Bianca. “I gave him my email.”

“He was cute, Nellie.” Roni said, reaching her arms out for Noah to hand her Jack.

“What?” Noah frowned.

“Yeah, he was.” Charlee and her best friend Drew agreed at the same time.

That wiped the grin right off Hector’s face.

As if that weren’t annoying enough, Drew added, “There were a lot of cute guys there actually.”

All right this was bullshit. They were supposed to have been shopping. This sounded like they’d gone to a club or something. Unable to sit still anymore, Hector decided he’d send the video off and get to the bottom of this. He turned around and clicked a few things.

*End video.*

I know. I know. I was getting ready to break out the popcorn and watch the rest of this, too!