Angel and Sarah announcement!

So y’all want more Angel and Sarah uh? As I’ve said many times I do listen to my readers and what you guys want you get… usually. Honestly I just can’t put them through a whole book of ups and downs again. However, there was one thing they did go through once married that I thought you might enjoy being a part of. So in addition to Making You Mine being the longest book in the series, it will also include a bonus 11k word short story about Angel and Sarah! =) This one comes with a tissue alert. Have one handy you will need it. You guys asked for it! 

No blurb will be given but I will give you this much. A very short teaser that was featured earlier this week on the FB fan page, followed by the newest charm Angel is hoping to add to Sarah’s bracelet. First the teaser. Set up: Angel is talking to one of the employees at his and Sarah’s restaurant:

Latest teaser: 12/13/11

Even after he knew she was home and safe in bed he couldn’t shake that feeling that something was wrong. Then he got the call.
Sarah was crying. “Please don’t be mad at me!”
His heart began to race. “About what?”

Previous Teaser:

“I’ll need you to bar tend today but not until Sarah gets here. I’ll have her take over your section.”
“Isn’t she here already?” Raul asked.
“No,” Angel wiped down the bar. “She was having breakfast with her mom this morning.”
“She was out in the parking lot when I drove in. I thought she’d be in here by now. Unless,” Raul smirked. “That guy whose arms she flew into stole her away.”
Angel turned and peered at Raul not sure if he was serious. He had the stupidest sense of humor sometimes. But apparently he was serious. “What are you talking about?”
And the charm: