2020 – Year in review and what to expect in 2021!

2020 – The Year In Review!

No question 2020 was a momentous year that will go down in history as an unforgettable year for MANY reasons for sure! Unfortunately, for too many and understandably so, they’d love nothing more than to just say good riddance, and forget it. I however would like to focus on the positive. For me, the year was sort of a push. 

While, the pandemic did take a toll on my immediate and extended family (More than half of us tested positive at some point in the year) Thankfully it wasn’t TOO bad and all but one family member is still not completely out of the woods. But for the most part everyone else is doing well now and we’re very optimistic that the last family member still dealing with it is going to pull through just fine. *Fingers crossed!*

2020 for me personally and in my writing endeavors was a positive one. After two years of being on hiatus for personal reasons, I’m baaaaaaaack! 

In case you missed any of it I put out two FREE not so short stories. The first Blindside – About Noah and Roni. Read the blurb and get all the FREE download links by clicking on the cover below!   


Then I put out the much requested story of Max and Pat. Mind you this was a story I put off writing for YEARS because I just didn’t think I could romanticize Romero’s incorrigible uncle and Izzy’s uptight sister. And then it happened! It was as hilarious as expected and a surprisingly fun, exciting and sexy story to write. I DID however use some MUCH needed inspirational pictures to help me make these two a sexy couple as I wrote. I give you Max and Pat. Click the photo below for the FREE download links to their story “Tall, Dark & Obnoxious.”  

Midway through the year, I FINALLY got around to releasing the MUCH anticipated, almost three years in the making full length 4th and final novel in my Boyle Heights, Orlando. Click on the cover below for the blurb, info and purchase links! 


Then I got to a story that had been in my heart calling out and begging to be written for YEARS. The epic saga and love story of the Moreno’s parents. Their journey to realize their dream of coming to America and opening their own restaurant. By no means was it that cut and dry and you might shed a few tears along the way but I promise you in the end, you’ll be glad you read it. At least going by the reviews so far I can say that with confidence! Click on the cover below for more info, blurb and purchase links! 


So what can you expect this year? Well for starters I’ve introduced my new and upcoming series “A New Generation” it’s one I’ve been talking about for a while now and am VERY excited to bring you. A New Generation will include the stories of the Moreno Brother’s AND 5th Street kids. There will be cross overs and such from my other series and I revealed the cover to the first in the series “Not Even Close” on New Years eve. In case you missed it! Click on the beautiful cover below for more info and to add to your Goodreads TBR shelf now! 


What else can you expect from 2021?

Well aside from this new series, I’ll finally be getting back to some unfinished business. Expect more from the Cortez brothers, of the Looking Glass series, and more of the De Luca Boys! Plus I might have some bonus shorts and other surprises up my sleeve! Expect to be excited this year for sure! I’m looking forward to it, I hope you are too!!

Introducing a new series “A New Generation!” Book one Title &Cover reveal

Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021!!

I’m anticipating an EXCITING new year with lots of new characters, getting back to some unfinished business, familiar old faces and seeing how all of our old favorites are doing! Why’s that you say? Because I’m introducing my new series and I’ll be getting back to some unfinished ones.
For now let’s talk about the new series. (I’ll get back to the unfinished ones in the weeks to come!) I’ve been talking about this for some time now. Getting the kids stories out from my previous series couples. We’ll have Moreno Brothers kids as well as 5th Street and maybe even a few other surprises!
I am SO excited about this! If you’ve read Boyle Heights you’ve met Byron. (He’s Beast’s much younger brother) 

Well, little brother, Byron’s story is the first in my “A New Generation series” Some of you may’ve already guessed who the h will be in this one, because I’ve dropped hints in the past several YEARS. But I’m not telling now! So keep it to yourself because in the story the reader won’t know until well into it who she is. I’m hoping you’ll be SUPER excited because Byron has to meet her family AND Daddy is not happy about his JUST barely turned 18 baby girl with a 25 year-old MAN. *Whispers, she’s a Moreno!”

So are you ready?  


Not Even Close

(A New Generation#1) 

Cover Reveal!


Inline image

I’m hoping you’ll be SUPER excited because Byron has to meet her family AND Daddy is not happy about his JUST barely turned 18 baby girl with a 25 year-old MAN. *Whispers, she’s a Moreno!”

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