Excerpt 3: Abel

“So is it true?”

Abel walked into one of the open shower stalls and turned on the water. He turned back to Noah who sat down on one of the benches on the other side of the stall’s pony wall that came up past Abel’s waist so he could still see Noah’s curious expression. “Is what true?” Abel asked pulling off his trunks and briefs and stood under the shower.

“That you and Rachel are real serious?”


Noah laughed. “Roni saw it first and asked me about it but just last night I was flipping through the channels and it was on like two different tabloid shows. They have pictures of you and her earlier this week having sushi and then getting back in your car so apparently it’s real serious.”

“It’s bullshit. We had lunch. That’s all. Andy said they’d do this once we got closer to the fight.” Not wanting to look at him now he stood under the shower for a few seconds lathering up before asking. “What did you tell Roni?”

“I figured as much. So I told her you’ve just bagged the girl a few times and that’s probably all this time was, too.”
Abel squeezed his eyes shut. Fucking great. As if he needed to give Nellie more reason to feel free to jump in bed with someone else. If she thought he was doing it why shouldn’t she?

Noah stood up now. “Is that who you’re seeing tonight?”

This wasn’t like Noah. He never asked Abel details of his conquests and he knew better than anyone, Abel wasn’t one to be talking about his personal life. The only reason Noah even knew about Rachel was because she’s the one that told everyone. There could be only one reason Noah was asking now. The same reason he’d ever asked before so Abel had to ask but he still wouldn’t look at him.”Why?”

“Just wondering.”

“No you’re not.” He turned to him now the irritation that had built all week and he had to fight to keep under control in Nellie’s office today was peaking now. “You don’t wonder about my personal life and you know I don’t talk about it. Ever. So what gives? The little wifey put you up to this?”

“First of all.” Noah pointed at him with a murderous glare. “You watch that fucking tone when you talk about Roni. You hear me?”

Abel turned back to the shower leaning his head under it. He seriously needed to get a grip. He might as well just tell Noah he had no idea how to deal with knowing Nellie would be on a date tomorrow night and it was driving him batshit crazy since he was being so damn transparent about it.