Excerpt 1: Hector

“Go ask her to dance,” Hector whispered at Walter reaching for his drink.

“What? No!” Walter pulled back his drink before Hector could take it. “She’s with that guy.”

“Trust me.” Hector whispered a little more urgently. “That guys annoying as shit. She’ll thank you.”

Walter shook his head again defiantly, the panic already all over his face as if Hector was going to force him.

“C’mon just one more dance,” the guy said reaching for Charlee’s arm who seemed almost as alarmed as Walter.

No shit she looked alarmed the guy was a pushy asshole. Hector was glad she didn’t seem willing at all to get back on the dance floor and have him pushing himself on her again. To make things worse the song playing now was a slow one.

“Damn it, Walter” Hector whispered loudly through his teeth. “If you don’t ask her, I will.”

Just looking at Walter’s annoyingly terrified face Hector knew he wasn’t going to. Glancing back at Charlee the guy had repositioned himself on the other side of her so he could now lean in again close to her ear. There was no way Hector could hear what he was saying now but one thing was clear, the way she kept pulling back away from the guy’s face , Charlee was as uncomfortable as she had been on the dance floor.

“Here,” He handed his beer bottle to Walter roughly. “You’re seriously gonna have to man up. YOU should be doing this.”

Who was Hector kidding? There was no way Walter would do what he was about to. He took the few steps to reach Charlee and smiled at her ignoring the guy. “Dance with me?” Without waiting for an answer he took her drink and shoved it at the asshole. “Hold this.”

They both seemed stunned but neither said a word and to Hector’s relief she didn’t say no or protest him taking her hand in his as he walked her onto the dance floor.