Excerpt 3: Desert Heat

Set up: Damian and Bethany are getting ready to go out.

Damian pulled off the shirt he was wearing, allowing for a very pleasurable view of his beautiful chest and shoulders, then threw the sleeveless shirt on. It was so perfectly snug, it accentuated his big chest and abs. His hard shoulders looked even bigger in it somehow, too.

“Perfect,” she said, unable to help herself and reaching out to caress his big arms.

“Are you sure about this?” he said, looking into the mirror.

“Yes. Just tuck in the shirt.”

He began to just as her phone buzzed. She’d pulled it out from her purse earlier and it was now on the table in front of the mirror Damian was looking into. Their eyes met in the mirror as he continued to tuck his shirt in, then she saw his eyes travel down to her phone again. “You gonna check that?”

She shook her head, but again he didn’t let it go. “Why?

’Cause I’m here?”

“No!” she said, reaching for it and praying it wasn’t from Max. “I just . . .” It wasn’t Max, but she still got caught up
reading it.

Heading out now. Send me the address or name of the place. See you in a few.

“You just what, Bethany?”