Breaking Brandon Cover reveal and surprise EARLY RELEASE!

So you’ve been asking and asking. 

When is the release day? 


Because I’m so INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for all your love and continued support I decided that for my birthday (Today) my gift to myself is to surprise YOU, my wonderful readers with an early release! 

As promised here is the cover!
This was uploaded last night on all channels (I have NO control over when it actually goes live)  so some may, while others may have to wait a little longer. Some of these links may not be working yet. I’ll update as soon as I see anything go live everywhere! I appreciate your patience! 
Be warned this one is a little different than what you’re used to from me. Don’t hate me! …and PLEASE be mindful of spoilers when posting comments or reviews because you’re in for some surprise twists!

It will still be a few weeks before the paperback goes on sale. I’ll keep you posted! 
And one final teaser while you wait for your link to go live.