Defining Love… coming real soon!

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Defining Love

Cover Teaser!!


Something new, something different, something I’ve never done before…


In case you missed it I made an exclusive announcement at the end of the Suspicious Minds Blog tour.

Here is a link to that announcement and explanation of WHY my next release

Defining Love

Will be released in 3 volumes!

The blurb to the first two installments are available now for you on GoodReads

And you can add all three volumes to your TBR shelves!


Defining Love (Volume 1)

Being friends before becoming lovers makes for stronger relationships.

Aaron and Henrietta can certainly attest to this. It takes time to develop the kind of deep relationship each is in. Both are committed and fiercely loyal to a lover they each consider their best friend.

Then one night Aaron and Henri meet.

After a single conversation, neither can explain the profound connection they’re feeling. Is it intrigue? Lust? How can one chance meeting—one conversation–possibly have them questioning everything they ever believed about love?

Defining Love (Volume 2)

Denial is a dangerous part of desire.

Aaron offers Henrietta a position at his business and she takes it—despite the intense connection they felt the day they met.

While neither can deny they’re feeling something, both are in committed relationships with someone they love profoundly. Neither would ever dream of acting on something that’s clearly just a physical attraction.

But sometimes your mind takes longer to accept what your heart already knows . . .

Defining Love (Volume 3)

Blurb to come!


In case anyone is wondering NO there will NOT be any cheating but there WILL be some major angst and unputdownable page turning drama! 😉


So WHEN will this be released? I should have EXACT dates for you VERY soon but for now I can only say May. Maybe sooner but I won’t commit to anything more than that! Come back and check often because I will update as SOON as I know!