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First the teaser!

Set up: Aaron’s fiancée Mia and her friend Ruth have just witnessed an annoyingly too sweet exchange between him and his new employee Henri…

Mia gave me a strange look, glanced at Henrietta one last time, and then turned back to me with a lift of a brow. “Walk me out?”
I nodded and followed her out. We weren’t even out of the house when she turned to me with a purpose.
“She cheered you right up.”
That confused me. “What?”
“I’ve never seen you switch gears so fast,” she hissed in a lowered voice as we hurried out the front door as if maybe she didn’t want Ruth to hear her. She stopped out on the front porch and glowered at me. “It was disgusting. My stomach literally turned watching you two.”
“Cheered me up? Switched gears?” I asked, doing my best to sound as clueless as I could because not only was my heart still racing from the moment I’d just had with Henrietta, Mia’s reaction to it was making my stomach turn now too. “Who said I was in a bad mood before she got here?”
“Well, you haven’t been that happy to see me in years.”
And there you had it. Mia was officially on to me. Fuck! “What? Stop.” I put on my best soured expression, shaking my head, and reached for her hand, pulling her to me as she tried to walk away. “Mia, don’t, okay?”
“Don’t what?” she asked even more annoyed.
“Don’t do this. She’s my little sister’s friend.”
“Do you think I’m blind?” she asked, and I pulled her even closer to me even as she tried to squirm away. “Do you know how humiliating that was for me?”


It all starts next week on Cinco de Mayo! May 5th!


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Volume 1 Release date

May 5th



Volume 2 Release date

May 12th

Volume 3 release date

May 19th!

FYI: This will be a Kindle Unlimited title. Meaning the volumes will all be available exclusively at Amazon for the first 90 days. You can however download the kindle app for FREE on any smartphone, tablet or PC and get them that way.


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