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So I decided to do a FAQ post about Defining Love because I’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding the serial. Here are the top 5 questions/concerns it seems readers are asking me most often. I’ve combined a few that are pretty much the same.  


1. WHO is Defining Love about? Any of your previous characters?  First no. This is a brand new series with brand new characters. While it’s new to you it’s been in my head for years and I’m VERY excited to finally introduce you all to Aaron and Henrietta aka Henri!


2. This sounds like a love triangle. Is it? And will there be any cheating? It’s actually more than just a simple love triangle. You see both Aaron AND Henrietta are in deeply committed relationships with someone else when they meet. But NO. There WILL NOT be any cheating. As the teaser indicates above. While both are in denial there is some cheating of the heart going on because the angst, the undeniable desires are certainly there. Physically both are incapable of cheating because unlike in some love triangles the people they are with are not jerks or cheaters or undeserving of their love. They’re good people. But we all know in life sometimes these things just happen. =/

3. Will this be a cliff hanger? Yes and no. As you know this is a serial. So it will take 3 volumes for you to find out what happens so the first two will leaving you hanging and waiting BUT hold your fire please! You won’t have to wait years, months or even weeks for the follow up volumes. Each volume will be released just a week after the last. =)

4. WHY are you releasing it this way? I’ve explained this before in this exclusive interview I did with As The Pages Turn at the end of the Suspicious Minds blog tour. I guess a lot of you missed it because I’m still being asked. So here it is in a nutshell. The story deals with a touchy subject. Something I’ve never written about with any of my lead characters. It would be a spoiler to tell you what. So I decided that since this is revealed fairly early on in the story, I’d break it up into 3 parts and let YOU decide after paying only $.99 cents whether or not you want to pay a little more to read on. In the end you’ll be paying about the same as you usually pay for one of my full length novels. Yet it’s a little longer than one of my full length novels. =)

4.5. So you’ve mentioned it’s different. Like how? Paranormal? Sci-fi? NO. Nothing like that. You can expect a contemporary romance with the same angst, twists, sexy times etc as all my others but nothing that different. No vampires or shape shifters, time travel or anything of the sort. Just a lot of exciting, gasp/sigh worthy and hopefully page turning, edge-of-your-seat drama! =D 

5. WHEN will you release/will there be a pre-order? I don’t have an exact date yet but I’m shooting for early May. And YES as soon as it’s up for pre-order I will make announcements ALL around! =D   


  Now how about that giveaway?

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