Ever wondered how you can become a beta reader?

How does beta reading work? Well basically I have a small group of readers who agree to read my latest project before it’s completely done. This is a crucial time for the author. The story is not edited or published and there is still time to tweak and try to fix anything that didn’t work, was confusing, dragged on, was TOO infuriating etc. I may not always agree with all opinions but more often than not ESPECIALLY when more than one reader has expressed their dislike or confusion about something in the story you can bet it’ll be tweaked.

Also any suggestions, or even comments as you read like, “I kept thinking this was going to happen and was excited/terrified/ANGRY.” Anything that gives me a heads up as to what the reader is thinking in certain parts of the story helps. “I’m confused about who’s actually thinking this.” Feel free to point out any plot holes and PLEASE let me know if there were any places you skimmed and why. Remember I won’t be mad but appreciate hearing this BEFORE it’s done and while I still have time to fix. Better hearing now than in the reviews. o.O         

Here is what I require/expect from a beta reader.

1. That you enjoy reading steamy adult contemporary romance.
2. That you are able to and not feel bad about giving honest feedback. Even  when or rather especially when something doesn’t work for you.
3.That once you commit to reading something you’d be able to be done within a week of receiving the ARC. I usually give a few days of advance notice (if not more) to let you know I’m almost ready to hand it over for beta reading. If by any chance you decide this particular story just doesn’t work for you this is fine. Just let me know so I’m not left to wonder what happened to you. I will (with no bad feelings) appreciate knowing what about it didn’t work.  
4. If you are enjoying it you do as much spoiler free bragging and shouting out on your social media including updating your reading status on GoodReads.
5. Your feedback can be in any form as long as you get your point across on anything that didn’t work, anything you loved (before it ends up on the chopping floor)  <- trust me I go chop happy in the rewrites.
6 You are not required to review. As a beta reader you will be given an early draft that will likely change once all the feedback has been collected. So if you would like to review let me know and I’d be happy to send you the final edit once it’s done.
7. Your express promise that you won’t share the exclusive MS trusted to you for your beta feedback. 

8. You choose how you give your feedback. Some of my betas make inline comments as they read and then send back the MS with all their comments. Others just make their own notes and share them when they finish and respond in one long email. Others send their feedback AS they read. Every few chapters then in the end send a conclusion email with their final thoughts. Any way works for me as long as it’s honest anything helps. 

9. Updates. Holy cow once I send these MS’s off to the beta readers I’m basically chewing my nails and checking my messages like a crack head. So PLEASE even if it’s just once a day I’ll be begging you to update me with at very least. “I’m calling it a night for today but I’m on this part and so far this is what I’m thinking . . .” Even if it’s a VERY short. I just need updates!   


So if you think you can handle that click on the graphic below to fill out the short form.

Here is the first you’d be beta reading if chosen. Click on the image for the full blurb and even a few excerpts of We Were One.




I know this is a busy week but I’ll more than likely send it out sometime this week with the expectation of hearing back from you by next week sometime. If you’re interested in the the perks of reading a new release long before it’s published, get a signed copy of said book once it’s done and would like to join my beta crew and see your name in the acknowledgments just fill out this quick form and I shall let you know very shortly if you made the list. If you’re not able to this time but would like to be considered for the next story you can indicate so on the first question where the “other” line is.


Keep in mind opinions are good but too many can be confusing and frustrating so I’ll only be choosing two or three at most! As always thank you in advance!


If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to email me at EliReyesBooks(at)Yahoo(dot)com