Exclusive Beast Teaser!



“Is that a burn?” Allison reached out to point at the scar on his arm and he nodded. “May I?”

Ever since the first day she’d seen all the scars on him, something about them drew her to them. She wanted to touch them—touch him. He didn’t say anything, so she took it as a yes and touched the scar on his big arm gently. It wasn’t exactly random, and touching it, she could see there was a shape to it.

Glancing up quickly, she caught his eyes closed, as if her touch did something to him. “What kind of burn is this?”

His eyes flew open, and like all the other times, they were locked into each other’s gaze. Though his was a bit harder than usual. “The worst kind.” He paused, still staring into her eyes but went on before she could ask him to elaborate. “Not just because it was inflicted when I was a child, but the malice with which it was done. But seriously, Allison, it’s late and you should—”

Her touching the side of his face froze him mid-sentence. Allison was determined to call him out on this. She wouldn’t leave here tonight without getting to the bottom of what it was they were both feeling. Any other girl with half a brain would’ve already run out of there the moment she’d been given the chance. Here Allison couldn’t tear herself away. “Were you an abused child, Beast?” She touched the scars around his forehead and smiled when he closed his eyes and leaned into her hand.

“Something like that,” he whispered as he let his eyes flutter open slowly and gazed at her again.

“What is about you?” she asked softly—gently. “What is it about this?”

She placed her hand over his incredible chest so he couldn’t even try to deny he was feeling the insanity too. Unable to help it, she smiled when she felt how undeniably hard his heart pummeled against her palm.

“Tell me. What are you feeling right this moment?” She stared into his eyes as her own heart threatened to burst right through her chest.

He placed his own palm over hers. “You don’t need to know.”

“Yes, I do,” she insisted, her insides already going crazy.

“Something I shouldn’t.”


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