EXCLUSIVE Lila teaser!

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This above is part of the Lila cover that I shall be unveiling in the coming weeks. I know. I know. That’s not giving you much but the teaser below is a longer than normal from her story!  If you haven’t already read the prologue and Lila and her love interests VERY first encounter you can read that HERE first! 

Set up: Lila had a Big Gulp

of soda while she stood in line to get into the club where they’ll be watching a live band from Vegas . . . ahem! Anyway she has to use the bathroom BAD now and the line is ginormous. As she standing there dancing in place the band walks out from the back door (they’re in the VIP section of the club)  then soon after they walk out this happens:.

 Glancing around the door at the end of the hallway opened up again. This time three other guys who didn’t look anything like band members because they were dressed a little more sophisticated than the torn jeans and black T-shirts the band members had worn. They were also a lot bigger. Like body guards—club security maybe?

Lila’s eyes zoomed in on the tallest, biggest of the three. She’d never proclaimed to have a type but if she had to be honest she tended to be drawn to big guys. The taller the better.  As big as this guy was he definitely had to be part of the group or clubs security team.  All three men stood out but he was by far the most impressive.

It wasn’t until she brought her eyes back up that she noticed he’d caught her ogling him like a piece of meat. What was worse she was still dancing in place and he wore a playful smirk now as he looked straight at her. That’s when she realized who he was. The guy in the back of the limo.

Beyond annoyed with herself Lila turned away without so much as a smile in return. Not only had she done the very thing she’d been trying to avoid since she walked into the place she’d been so busy eyeing him from top to bottom she didn’t notice the line had moved. With a frown she crossed her arms in front of her still damp T-shirt and moved up a bit to close the big gap between her and the girl in front of her. She also stopped the dancing in place and refused to look anywhere but straight ahead. Aside from his eyes being that odd color of in between brown and hazel, the other thing she remembered about seeing him in the backseat of that limo is that there were girls in the car with them.

Staring straight ahead as the guys in front of him went past her, Lila did her best to not even glance in their direction. “There’s—”

Lila flinched at the unexpected whispered word in her ear. She was even more surprised to see it was him. He flashed that perfect smile that for some reason felt genuine. “Sorry didn’t mean to startle you.” He leaned in and lowered his voice again giving her a good whiff of whatever mouth-watering cologne he was wearing. “I can get you into a private bathroom in the back room if you really have to go.” He pulled away and looked her in the eyes then smiled that perfect smile once again. “I saw the size cup you were drinking from out there. Not sure if you’re gonna make the wait.”

If Lila’s bladder was even the slightest bit less close to bursting she would’ve turned him down flat, perfect smile and all. But she had to go so bad. Just the thought of being that much closer to relief, her now aching bladder made her want to go even worse. She wasn’t sure who was more surprised at her agreeing so quickly—her or the guy. His eyes went even bigger and seemed to twinkle when she nodded. Almost as if he was afraid she might change her mind he held his hand out for her.

“I’ll meet you out there,” he said to one of the guys he’d walked out with.

Desperate didn’t even begin to describe how she’d begun to feel. It’s why she done something so unlike her and didn’t protest his leading her by the hand to the back room. It wasn’t even until she was in the damn bathroom blissfully relieved to have made it there without wetting herself, that she realized what she’d just done. She’d let a stranger take her into a back room of a club. Now she was perfectly alone with him back there. A very large stranger—albeit a good looking one with a genuinely sweet smile—but stranger none the less.  Even Stacia would have no idea what happened to her if she got raped and dumped in the back alley.

After washing her hands she clenched them at her side. This guy might be big but she’d taken that self defense class with Ali even though she didn’t think she needed it. Even before taking the class she’d known exactly where to aim for if need be, but she’d learned a few new tricks in the class too.

“Thank you,” she said as she walked out of the bathroom.

The guy had made himself comfortable on the sofa in the room. He better think again if he thought she’d be doing the same. He stood up and now that she wasn’t distracted by the torture of an aching bladder, she noticed a few more things about him. For someone with such eyes that could go so light blue, his hair was very dark. When he’d first walked out the back door she pegged him as security because he looked so big but this close she could see he was actually slim in all the right places with a very impressive physique, big in all the right places as well. He wasn’t wearing the ear pieces the guys at the door were wearing either.

For the second time that night Lila did something uncharacteristic of herself. She decided to give into her curiosity and just ask. “Are you security for the band?”

The expression on his face was a strange one. It seemed amused with a hint of something else she couldn’t quite make out. Surprised or suspicious maybe?

“No,” he shook his head. “No, I’m not.”


Despite that his smile bordered on the smug side, he didn’t come across as your usual arrogant jerk who knew he was hot. Without knowing anything about him he seemed far more likable. Maybe it was that he took the time to apologize outside about his driver and his friend and even offered napkins. Lila wasn’t sure what it was. All she knew is he didn’t appear dangerous.

Something about that smug yet friendly smile, coupled with the fact that he wasn’t dressed like a wannabe rocker like so many others in attendance deemed him safe. He seemed a bit older than most of the boys here too—mature and his attire was far classier with the untucked buttoned up long sleeve shirt he rolled up to his elbows and his crisp dark denim jeans. Not like the holey and faded jeans most of the rocker wannabes wore. His entire presence was far more refined and respectable. Therefore respectful, like he’d sort of  proven outside. At least it’s what her head had started to convince her of. It’s what she’d tell Stacia when she’d admit to going into a back room alone with a complete stranger.

“Well, thank you for letting me use the bathroom in here.” She started for the door. “I really appreciate it.”

“Can I get your name?” he asked starting to the door too.

“Lila.” Their eyes met but she glanced away quickly cursing inwardly at the strangeness in her belly.


Lila turned to him again because the way he said her name sounded like he was about to ask her something. But he didn’t. Instead she was treated to another perfect smile. “That’s different.”

She nodded reminding herself the polite thing to do was to smile back so she did then turned back to the door.

“I’m . . . Santino?” he said as they reached the door at the same time.

The odd way he said it had her glancing back at him again. It  was almost as if he wasn’t sure if that was his name or not.

He cleared his throat then added. “But  most people call me Sonny.”


Stay tuned for the cover / blurb reveal, release date and more teasers!!!