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My inspiration for Lila!


So I’ve shared a few other teasers including the entire prologue to Lila and her first couple of encounters with her love interest “Sonny.” Now here is another *#tease of what y’all are in for with Lila’s story.

Set up: She’s at a club where she’s met Sonny, The guy she knows this much about – He’s a tall, hot, built like a bodyguard, well off since he’s wearing a Rolex and pulls out a Louis Vuitton wallet. She hasn’t decided if he’s genuinely a nice guy or a smooth talker yet. While waiting for her friend Stacia who stepped outside to take a call regarding her boyfriend Derek’s dad being rushed to the hospital, she’s agreed to let Sonny buy her a drink. She’s  sitting waiting for him to get back with said drink. And here we go.

*Unedited and subject to changes.

Lila pulled her phone out and set it on the table. If whatever Derek’s dad was in the ER for, turned out to be serious, Stacia might text or call her to tell her they needed to go. She clicked on the several messages she had from Ali.

I’ve been blowing minors all night.




MY NOSE! OMG I hate this phone! I’m faking Nyquil and calling it a night so in case you fall and I don’t answer don’t sorry.  

  Lila laughed. Her sister was the queen of auto correct errors. The girl texted so fast and often, she sent texts out left and right without bothering to check before hitting send. She’d had so many hilarious auto correct moments Lila always teased about making a compilation of them. Lila text back starting to giggle—for the second time that night. But she caught herself as she carefully made sure her text was correct.


Don’t FAKE the NyquiI it’s your friend! LOL And don’t WORRY I won’t be sorry if I call and you’re asleep. ? Feel better Alikins. I’ll make you soup tomorrow. XOXO


She was still smirking from rereading her text when Sonny made it back to the table with their drinks. Her virgin piña colada with all the fixings like he’d described it and a beer for himself. “Not much of a drinker myself,” he said motioning to his beer. “But I throw a few of these back whenever I go out. Maybe a shot or two here and there.”

He pulled out his wallet again and checked something then cussed under his breath. Just as he looked up, the young waitress rushed to him. “Mr.—”

“Sherry, sweetheart,” he held his hand up to her and started toward her. “I gave you the wrong card.”

“Yes, and I know you Mr—”

“Let’s uh . . .” He interrupted the waitress again then turned back to Lila with a strange almost panicky expression. “I’ll be right back.”

Turning back to the waitress before Lila could even respond, he placed his hand on Sherry’s shoulder practically ushering her away. Lila heard him say something about them taking care of it at the bar. Not sure what to make of the odd exchange Lila shrugged it off. She started to look down at her phone when she noticed one of the bitchy girls who’d been standing with Sonny’s crowd earlier make her way toward him. Lila watched curiously as the girl reached him, said something, then laughed hysterically at whatever his response was. It was actually funny to watch. The girl was ridiculous. Sonny turned his back to the girl for a second to sign the receipt the waitress handed him on the bar. Then the girl turned to Lila flipped her off and mouthed the words “Fuck off.”

Utterly stunned, it had Lila sitting straight  up, sending a shot of heat up her back. She had to actually look around her to check if the bitch was really talking to her or someone else. There was no one else it appeared the gesture might’ve been directed at. Not anyone that Lila noticed even looking in the girls direction and she’d been looking right at Lila when she’d mouthed the word . But by the time Lila looked back at her, the girl was back to flirting outrageously with Sonny again.

Sipping her drink slowly, Lila concentrated on keeping her cool. She didn’t give a rats ass about this girl and Sonny. She’d just met the guy and if he was a regular here maybe this was one of his past one-nighters pissed about being ignored tonight—for his newest conquest. But if this ghetto whore had it in her to do what she just had, Lila better just finish her drink and get her ass out of there. She may’ve come a long way from the hot head she once was, but there was no way she was taking anyone’s shit if they got in her face. The last thing she needed was to get arrested tonight.

Instead of allowing herself to get worked up, she glanced down at her phone and concentrated  on reading her sisters response to last text. 

Ugh this phone. Yes! Thor chicken soup! Chicken vegetable not noodle. I’m watching my carbs remember? Already in bed. Talk tho hooky tomorrow!

Normally her sisters messed up texts would have her smiling again. But once she felt that heat shoot up her spine like it had moments ago, it was  really hard to just snap out of it. She had to though. This slutty club rat was so not worth her time and energy.



In case you haven’t read the prologue yet then you don’t know why this girl who flipped her off may’ve just sealed her fate. ? 

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Cover and blurb reveal and release date coming REAL soon!

So stay tuned!!!