Final little tease before release! (Book now available!)

It’s almost time! 
What kind of tease would I be if I didn’t give you guys one last thing to wonder about right? 
So here you have it. As the countdown to
going live everywhere starts up, here is one last taste of what you’re in for. =)
FYI : Forever Yours is a FULL LENGTH novel. Not a novella!  

UPDATE!!! Looks like it’s already live in a few places!






I will add more links as it goes live everywhere else!!!

“Sarah,” Angel called out again a little louder, and she turned to see him at the door. “Who are you calling?”
“Valerie,” she said, wiping the tears away from her face.
“So she can come pick me up.”
He hurried to her, and Alex walked out of the apartment behind him. Sarah put her phone down before dialing Valerie, waiting for him but not sure what to expect. Angel’s rigid expression softened the moment he got close enough to see her better in the dark. “Why are you crying?”
“Why do you think?” she said, trying not to sound too angry, but she was only it was mostly at herself.
He took a step forward. “Why’d you come here?”
“Because I wanted to talk to you, but—”
“About what? About *him?” he asked, but he didn’t sound nearly as angry as he had earlier on the phone or when he said he didn’t want her there. He sounded scared now.
“No, about us.” She gulped back the emotion, glad that Alex had stayed behind with Romero and had given them a moment.
“What about us?” Angel asked, his eyes going a little wild. “What are you saying?”
* Whispers… by him Angel is not referring to Sydney. So who is making his eyes go a little wild? Find out tomorrow!  😉   
Also I’d like to give a HUGE shout out to my editor Theresa Wegand for helping me get this all cleaned up and formatted in time to release sooner than I expected! Don’t know what I’d do without her!