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????? “Girl In The Mirror was a poignant and evocative tale with a gripping and maddeningly paced mystery. Elizabeth Reyes is a crafty and sly mistress of mental manipulation; she kept me riveted to my kindle and second-guessing everything.”

????? “This book is totally a wild ride, like slap in the face, make me question everything type of ride. I had so many theory’s that my brain finally shut down and enjoyed the ride.

????? “What a rollercoaster! A gripping and suspenseful tale that had me hooked from the very first page. A story that proves that soulmates do exist and true love will always prevail.”

????? I loved that this book had me going in many directions with different reasons behind each one. And I wasn’t upset in the least when I started putting things together, it only made me want to inhale this book even quicker..”

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“Mom,” I said, surprised to hear my voice break. “Mama,” I called to her again as I pulled the painting up from behind the others. “Who are they?”

Mama immediately rushed over to me. “Let me see,” she said, sounding almost as breathless as I felt. She shook her head, staring at the painting. “It was a project you worked on at the community college one summer. You said all the students chose from random photos the professor brought in, and were asked to paint them.”

My eyes took in every detail of it. Why did my heart ache the way it did? There had to be a reason.

“Oh, baby, you’re getting worked up again. Maybe you should sit down.”

She tried to take the painting from me as she moved a tote over, but I pulled the painting back.

“No,” I said, refusing to let go of it. “Did I ever say anything else about it? Was there a story behind it? Mama, there’s gotta be something. My heart,” I said, turning to her, and as expected, she looked beyond concerned. “I can’t describe it, but it hurts.”

I felt my face crumble, and Mama wrapped her arms around me tightly. “Oh, honey, I don’t know. Maybe there was a story behind it. But I don’t know anything about it.”

After crying for a few minutes and having no clue why, I pulled away. “I wanna take it home.”

Mama stared into my eyes with this unsure look in hers. “Maggie, I don’t think that’s a good idea—”

“Why not?” I asked, feeling completely defensive, and already I knew, short of her prying it out of my hands, I wasn’t leaving it there. I held it against my chest defiantly. “I want it, Mama.”

“Okay,” she finally whispered with a sympathetic smile and soothed my hair gently with her hand. “Whatever you want, sweetheart.”

I hung it in my room, and something about waking and falling to sleep looking at it made me happy. I just wished I knew why? I studied it every chance I got and wondered why my insides warmed every time. Why I felt something so profound just staring at it. But nothing came of it. I just refused to let it depress me. Instead, I was determined that this was a good thing and eventually I’d figure it out. Even if the weeks and months passed and nothing ever did come to me, I refused to give up.

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