Gio’s song…

A hint of …GIO

I know… I know… his story isn’t even out yet. I haven’t even finished writing it so why a song already? I just had to share! Often times when I’m writing something happens. The story starts to write itself. NO LIE. I was in full and complete control of this story then this week, BAM! Just like when I was writing Romero and my fingers happily typed away as my jaw fell open and I’m thinking “Wait! What?! Did he just tell her to ‘takem’ off?” WTH?! The “feel” of the story sometimes just goes in a direction where I’m completely left out and the “feeling” for Gio has done just that. But let me tell you I’m excited! This is why I wanted to share. So with the exception of the rapping part this in a little of what you can expect from both Gio and his love interest. 


Coming Soon!