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#SampleSaturday #TEASER!!!

Okay so let me explain for those of you who are not in the loop and wondering WHERE’S Lila?? Life happened last year and the holidays rolled around and I had to push back the release date but my hope is to have it out THIS MONTH!

We’re so SO close!

So I decided that while I’m waiting for some of the final touches, getting the ARC’s formatted, getting the final edit etc that’d  I’d share a teaser with you!.

It’s not very long but it’s significant.

First off if you haven’t read the blurb here’s a little taste of what you can expect.

When two unlikely paths cross . . . compatibility seems improbable.

Adrift in a foul-mouthed world of ass kicking to survive life on the tough streets of Boyle Heights, Lila is anything but a refined girlie girl. Fighting tooth and nail for those she loves has left her with a chip on her shoulder as big as the gloves on her fists.

After years of being surrounded by glamorous glitzy women, Sonny didn’t even realize how much he’s yearned for someone of real substance. So, when he meets the unapologetic, sexy-as-hell Lila, her in-your-face candor awakens something in him he’s never felt before.

Despite Lila’s suspicions about Sonny’s intentions, the two begin a seemingly innocent, yet deliciously dangerous, online flirtation as his business keeps him away a lot.

The more their rapidly growing connection intensifies, the more Lila feels Sonny is too perfect to be true. But when she’s blindsided by the truth about who Sonny really is . . .

Compatibility suddenly feels impossible.

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Read the full EXPLOSIVE prologue HERE.

Now for the new teaser! 

Set up: Lila’s just met Sonny, Not easily impressed, Sonny manages to convince her to for a ride in his limo and grab a burger with him. But despite his good looks and charm Lila is still Lila. She’ll make him work to get her walls down . . . or will she?

Sonny wasn’t even eating his food; he was so busy hanging on her every word. “I worry about my sister. Ali’ s not like me.”

That made him smile. “And what does that mean?”

Lila lifted and dropped a shoulder, taking a swig of her soda. “Unlike me, she’s never been in fights. Growing up, I made sure no one messed with her, and the ones that did . . .” She shook her head, slipping a fry in her mouth, then continued when she was done chewing. “The ones that did never did again once I took care of them.”

“Tough girl, huh?”

“I’ve never been tough for the sake of being tough,” she explained, not happy that the conversation had gone there. “I just did what I had to. But I was never a bully. I hated fucki—”

Catching herself, she cleared her throat. This was probably the only thing she didn’t like about talking to Sonny. She’d only known him a few hours, and already she felt beneath him. Despite his showing an interest in her, she might blow any chance she had with a decent guy like him because of her tendencies to act and speak like a ghetto rat.

“I hated bullies.” She took a frustrated bite of her cheeseburger to keep her foul mouth full for a while.

“I did too.” Sonny finally took a bite of his own cheeseburger, and they ate silently for a few minutes until he wiped his mouth. “So, you wanna tell me about your bad experience with your ex or is this too soon?”

Too soon? She wasn’t even sure what that meant, but it made her as uneasy as it strangely excited her. Only, hell no, she wasn’t about to get into this. “I’d rather not.”

“That bad?”

Lila glanced up at him, once again surprised she wasn’t more annoyed by his intrusiveness as she’d normally be. “There’s just some things I don’t like talking about.”

“Fair enough, but can I at least ask how long it’s been?”

Taking another sip of her soda, Lila took a deep breath. Okay, maybe this guy could annoy her. Good to know. Maybe he didn’t have super powers as she’d begun to think. “You always ask so many questions of someone you hardly know?”

“I said I wanted to get to know you.”

The amused tone was a little annoying too. Was he being a smart ass now? “Yeah, well, when someone says they’d rather not talk about something, you should just take the hint and drop it.”

“My bad. Maybe it is too soon.”

They went back to eating silently until she heard him mutter, “Shit.”

Lila glanced up to see him holding the ketchup pack to his burger, only instead of it squirting onto the burger, it squirted clear across his fancy shirt.

“God damn it!” he said, putting his burger down and grabbing a napkin.

She refrained from laughing the way she wanted to, but then he tried wiping it off and only made it worse. When he let his head fall, pressing his lips together in utter exasperation, she couldn’t help laughing.

Jerking his head back up, he turned to her, and for the first time that night, he looked annoyed. “Are you laughing at me? This is a brand-new shirt.”

That made Lila laugh even more. She covered her mouth with her napkin before she spit anything up.

“I have to have my shirts specially made because of my size, you know? It’s not cheap either.”

Lila couldn’t stop laughing now, especially when she saw him further smear it when he tried wiping again.

“Here,” she said after wetting a napkin with a water bottle. She reached over and did it herself, ignoring what touching his hard chest did to her. “You’re supposed to dab,” she said, refusing to look up and meet his eyes, but with her heart thudding now, she was definitely done laughing.


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