Just a few more days! Tangled!!! Romero’s holiday novella!

TANGLED!! (A Moreno Brothers novella!)


In case you missed the last few teasers here they are!!!



Last Tangled teaser before release!!!




DECEMBER 7, 2014!!!


Isabel had just finished pouring herself a cup of tea when Romero rushed into the kitchen. “I gotta go,” he informed her. “Your car’s in the way. Where are your keys?”

Isabel turned just in time to see him heading for her purse on the counter. Without thinking, she practically lunged toward it and grabbed it before he could. He froze on the spot and stared at her until she looked down at her purse, feeling like an idiot. Without asking, she already knew what he was thinking.

“What’s that about?” he asked, glaring down at her purse as she fished her keys out. “Something we need to talk about, Isabel?”


Get ready! Because it’s getting HOT!