More announcements!!! #Winners!

Still time to grab Lila at the discounted price BUT HURRY!!!! Prices have been changed to $3.99 everywhere but retailers are slow in changing so you might still grab it at the discounted price!!!  


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Second I just have to say . . .

For ALL your love and support in getting my first ER release in over 10 months out! For those that have been with me through this writing journey know this is a first for me! Not since I FIRST published Forever Mine back when I was clueless about this business have I had a gap between  releases even close to this long. Even then it was only seven months. But after Always Been Mine I’ve been releasing on average every 3-4 months. Last year was “different” for me but this year the hope is that things will go back to the way they were. That said . . . guess what’s happening THIS Friday?



Yep next one is DONE! For those of you who’ve read Lila you got to read the first two chapters of my next release

Girl In the Mirror     

It’s a romantic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing almost till the very end! It was also supposed to be a stand alone but suddenly some of the HOT side characters are demanding their stories be told so . . . that means ANOTHER new series!!!

More about that this Friday when I do the reveal and giveaway ARC’s! =D

Now speaking of giveaways! Thank you all for participating in the release weekend giveaway! 

My 5 randomly chosen paperback winners chosen from ALL my social media’s are:

Margay Roberge

Marcy Mayer

Claudia Baltazar Arensdorff 

Luisa Garcia Turner

Thai Preyer PA

Winner of the $10 Amazon gift card is:

Ana from Twitter with the handle @Ape1325

Send your info to EliReyes (at) Yahoo (dot) com

Thank you all again for participating and your love and support! 


If you’re not on my list yet be sure to join the list BUT also email me directly if you’d like to join the reveal and ARC list of Girl In The Mirror!! 

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