New Facebook Fan page!

For those of you who haven’t seen my facebook announcements, as of  the new year 2013 my current fan page named after my very first book Forever Mine will be going away. Along with it so will my facebook author page. For the past year or so I’ve utilized these two pages with my blog and twitter (even though I’ll be the first to admit I suck at Twitter) to make announcements, post teasers, run contests etc. But it’s become increasingly harder and harder to keep up with all the comments, messages, posts from each page. Not only that but I’ve been told by too many readers that they were unable to find my fan page because they were searching for my name unaware that as newbie when I first established my fan page it that it would make more sense to establish one under my name not one of my books. o.O Therefor the time has come to condense and move everything to my new fan page and one that’s much easier to find with my NAME! lol

Elizabeth Reyes fanpage
AND to read the very first extra long Fate teaser!!!!
So for the latest on my upcoming books, book signings, teasers or just announcements in general. This will be the place to go to first! So please help me get everyone moved over there by spreading the word!