Noah now available on Amazon B&N and Smashwords!!

Now LIVE on B&N!  
AND for my Smashwords peeps. As you know that is a longer process because it has to be formatted special and then it takes them time to distribute to all the other channels. But I will be uploading there I promise! I haven’t forgotten about you!!! <3  

I’ve uploaded and now we wait! Keep checking back and I will announce if someone doesn’t catch it before me when it goes live! 
I’ll leave you with one final short tease: him = someone Noah hates

Noah heard her tell him she’d be with him in a sec. He squeezed the phone feeling the adrenaline rush he usually felt only in the ring when he was about to take someone down. “Are you with him now?”
“He stopped by again,” she said her voice hushed now. “But—”
“He’s at the house with you now?” Noah was on his feet in an instant, his heart racing as he stalked to his bike, each stride longer than the last.