Romero Is Live!

Okay it’s out of my hands now! But I did my part! Romero is now uploaded to both Amazon and Nook. As soon as it goes live on either site it’s available for you readers. I’ve posted this very short bonus while you wait on my fanpage and GoodReads so I’ll post here too!

 Now live on Amazon  B&N

And Smashwords!

She squeezed her eyes shut just before she turned the corner to walk back into the front room. “I wasn’t alone.”
He looked up from the box and their eyes met. The easygoing expression faded slowly. “Oh yeah? Who went with you?”

Hint: He is not going to like the answer to this question.

Edited to add: Every time I upload a new book no matter how many times I go over my check list before hitting publish then not being able to change anything for days I ALWAYS forget at least one thing. This time I forgot to clarify in the product description that Romero is Adult Contemporary romance. NOT YA. Remember guys he has a mouth on him so there will be adult language and of course sexual content. Just so you are all aware.