Romero’s song to Izzy

Playlist/ Soundtrack To my books!
I decided to start a playlist for each one of my books. Sometimes I’ll hear a song and think OMG that’s the PERFECT song  for *insert one of my couples names here* . So I decided it would be fun to post playlists. In the coming weeks I’ll post a song for each book that to me really represents the emotions being felt by a certain character or even reminds me of a certain scene etc. Then I’ll slowly add more songs to each books playlist. *Be warned. I may be going way back with some of these songs!* 

I wanted to start with Romero because first of all, I LOVE this song. Second I suppose it could represent what just about all my alphas have felt about their love interests but none more so than Romero. Because of his VERY short fuse, the poor guy had a much harder time than the others holding it together and those emotions escalated tenfold when it involved his Izzy. Not just the song but the way it’s sung with such emotion I feel is so perfect to describe what this vulnerable hot headed alpha feels for Izzy.  Crazy. If you’ve read the book I’m sure you’ll agree! And if you haven’t this is a little taste of what you’re in for if you ever decide to. *sigh*

Updated to Add: I’d love to hear about any songs that have ever made you think of my books, characters any particular scenes! So if you have one by all means please comment and share! =)   

Quotes from Romero:

~ He kissed her again. He’d never felt such an urgency to kiss a girl. Sexual urges were one thing. That, he understood, but this was just kissing and he couldn’t get enough. ~ 

~According to you just ten seconds ago we aren’t exclusive.” His voice went up a notch and his nostrils flared. “Who were you with these last few days?”~ 

~Romero got down on his knee next to the bed and touched her arm. “Please don’t do anything just to make things even… you have no idea how crazy that would make me.”~

~He didn’t say a word and Isabel didn’t ask anything else, just ran her fingers through his hair until his breathing began to calm. Without letting go of her or even pulling away to face her he finally whispered against her ear, “Please don’t leave me. I promise I’ll try harder.” Slowly he pulled away and their eyes met. “I’m nothing without you, Izzy.~ 

As always, I look forward to your comments and feedback!