Suspicious Minds update!

So I just returned the final edits of

to my editor today! This means we’re super close to uploading! I had anticipated a March release date but it’s looking like it may be sooner! I just won’t know for sure until I get the final word from my editor. So far I’ve given you a few short teasers. How about a longer one now? 

In case you missed the shorter one I shared on my FB page here it is.



Now here is one a little longer!


Set up: Jay is Olivia’s ex boyfriend whom Olivia agreed (under Lorenzo’s very specific rules) she would no longer keep in touch with in ANY way.Margie is her best friend back home who is now engaged to Jay. Olivia knows Lorenzo suspects she might still harbor feelings for her ex and that’s why she stopped talking to her best friend. Today she’s heard from both Margie and Jay. Olivia refuses to lie to Lorenzo but she doesn’t want to ruin the perfect day they’ve just had. Unfortunately Lorenzo is too acutely aware anytime she seems uneasy.


By the time Lorenzo called, Olivia felt emotionally spent. She hated that Margie had taken her otherwise perfect day and practically ruined it. Revisiting the shameful memories of the person she vowed she’d left behind was not something she wanted to do now that she was feeling like a brand new person. That wasn’t her anymore, and she refused to let Jay ruin or even affect her relationship with Lorenzo. Hearing Lorenzo’s voice did, however, make her feel better.

They’d only been on the phone for a few minutes, and she’d thought she’d been doing a pretty good job of shaking off the uneasy mood Margie’s call had put her in. The last thing she wanted was to ruin this day for Lorenzo too. Telling him about Margie’s call would do that for sure. She was determined not to lie to him even by omission, and she knew he couldn’t possibly be mad at her, but it would definitely make for a tense conversation. So she’d decided to wait and tell him about it another time.

And then it happened.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, but he didn’t sound overly concerned, so she didn’t panic just yet.

“What do you mean?” she asked as casually as she could.

“You sound a little down,” he said, still not too concerned. “You feeling okay?”

“Yeah,” she said again, trying to sound casual and a bit chipper even. “I’m just a little tired.”

“Then maybe I should let you go so you can get some sleep.”

“No, I’m good,” she said too quickly then bit her tongue and squeezed her eyes shut. “I’m lying in bed,” she explained, “so I’m resting. I can still talk to you. I want to.”

That last part was practically whispered because she was already having visions of Lorenzo’s intense stare, and now she was going to panic that this conversation just might happen tonight. Geez, could she be any more transparent?

He was silent on the other end for a moment then spoke again. “What else did you do after you got home today?”

“I talked on the phone,” she said her eyes still closed.

He was quiet again as if he knew he’d hit it on the nail. “With who?”

“Margie,” she said simply but still didn’t open her eyes.

“The one who’s seeing your ex now?”


“Is this the first time you’ve talked to her since the day you found out about it?”

“Yes but theres more.”


Squeezing her eyes even tighter she figured she may as well just say it. “I heard from Jay too.”

The silence on the other end was so thick she held her breath because she could easily visualize what she’d already been witness to more than once. His stubborn jaw locking tightly as his usually sexy eyes went so profoundly dark and hard. 

“Tell me about it.”



Haven’t met Lorenzo yet? Nows your chance because Fate the book he was originally introduced in is currently free but just temporarily so grab it now!


As soon as I get the word I will announce the release date!

Stay tuned!!!!