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#FREE Stay-Home-Binge-Reading #SHBR


No longer free but I have more free and NEW stuff coming. Stay tuned!!!!

Who are we kidding? As readers we are one of the few groups who will completely embrace this stay-at-home order. So in light of the unprecedented events going on, I’ve decided to do my part by offering some binge reading. For the first time EVER I’m making my ENTIRE best selling series Moreno Brothers free!! If you haven’t read it yet go grab all EIGHT books now and dive into the world of the Moreno’s!

I encourage online group read alongs! What better way to spend this free time at home by doing what you love best, READ! And you can SORT of do it with others because online groups, book clubs, blog reading together or sharing thoughts as you read is perfectly safe and acceptable! You can join my FB group’s spoiler room to discuss as you read along! Click on the photo below to join now!

If you’ve already read then maybe it’s time for a re-read. Now that they’re all free have your friends, teens, other family members and fellow #BookNerds who’ve yet to discover the series download and join you in some Binge reading!!

Grab the purchase links by clicking the covers below and by all means PLEASE share!!!! They are all stand alone and can be read in any order but the order in which I’ve posted them below from top to bottom is the “suggested” order to avoid even the slightest spoilers. *Please note some retailers are slow to change prices but they will ALL be free eventually.

sweet sofie
forever yours
when you were mine
always been mine
making you mine

When you’re done binge reading the series get started on my 5th Street series!

Noah, the first in that series, is also free right now as well! Click on the cover below for links!

Happy reading!