Tangled Teaser & Release date!

Coming December 7th! 

Wow, it feels like I just released a book! Oh wait I did! 😉

So you ready for some more Romero?  

I’m happy to say he’s grown some since his younger beat down days! He’s got kids now and is trying to lead by example. Izzy’s gone back to work assisting a recently divorced professor. No big deal. He can handle it. He trusts her.  But… Romero will always be Romero so get ready for the ride! Hold on tight!

Here is a short taste of what you’re in for!

Set up: When Romero’s uncle mentions maybe there’s more to Izzy’s simple mistake, Romero decides to question her and gets way more than he bargained for.


Kissing Izzy had always been his favorite thing to do. He didn’t want to ruin the moment. Obviously, she’d gone all out for him tonight. He should forget what Manny said and just enjoy his beautiful wife.

But the very thought that this professor might in any way be distracting his otherwise meticulously organized Izzy grated him in a way that he couldn’t let go. He had to get to the bottom of this, and it couldn’t wait until they were done.“Baby?” he said breathlessly as he kissed her hard again then nipped his way down her jaw line to her neck.

Yes,” she said, equally as excited and aroused as he felt.

“Yesterday, when you lost track of time,” he said, kissing her again, and immediately felt her go stiff.“What?” he asked, pulling his face away and searching her eyes. He couldn’t make out exactly what he was seeing in them, but whatever it was literally spiked his heart rate.“What happened?” he asked,still searching for a clue. “What made you forget the time?”

She shook her head,and while she attempted to hide it, he saw it now. There was panic in her eyes. It was fleeting, but he hadn’t missed it. “I was just working and didn’t realize what time it was.”

In an effort to hide his own panic now, he leaned in and kissed her neck again softly then licked it. “Working?” he whispered. “On what?”

Her body had yet to return to the relaxed state it’d been when he first lay over her. Though, she did run her hands along his back. Romero knew this was an odd topic to be talking about at a moment like this and that he was risking ruining the moment if he didn’t let this shit go, but he couldn’t help himself. He sucked her neck, rubbing himself against her thigh.

“Just discussing the day’s lecture,” she said, her words just a little too nervous for his liking.

But there you had it, just as he’d told Manny. Discussing things like lectures and curriculum with this guy made perfect sense. He should just drop it now. But the fact that she’d been so caught up talking to Elliot she did something so unlike her had him fisting the sheet in his hand, and his dumb ass went on. “And you just forgot about the kids?”

She went completely stiff now and dropped her hands from his back. “No, I didn’t just forget about the kids,” she said in that tone she didn’t use often but he knew what it meant. She was pissed.“I’d never forget about them and you know that.” She tried to push him away now. “I just didn’t realize how late it was.”

“Hey,” he said, pulling away to look into her angry eyes. “I just meant you forgot it was time to pick them up. Don’t get upset.”

“Don’t get upset?” she asked, trying to sit up, just a little too defensive.“You’re saying I forgot my kids, Romero. When have I ever done that?”

This time she did sit up and he let her. “Baby, I was just asking because Manny brought it up tonight and I remembered I hadn’t even asked much about it. I was curious.”

“What did he bring up?” she asked, pulling her legs off the side of the bed. “Did he say I forgot the kids too?”

“No!” Romero pulled his legs off the bed, too, when she got up. “Look. I’m sorry I worded it that way,” he said, going after her because she was already headed to the bathroom.

He caught up to her in the bathroom and reached out for her hand, turning her around to face him. His heart skipped when he saw her flooded eyes. Fuck! He knew he should’ve just let this go.

“You’re crying about this?” he asked, cradling her face in his hands, even as she tried to fight him, and then kissed her softly. “I didn’t mean anything by it, Izzy. It was just a question.” He pulled back and searched her eyes. “What’s wrong with you?”