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Now for a NEVER BEFORE SHARED Teaser of Fate!!


Set up: Rose and her teammates are on their way to her soccer game.

Candace was busy applying makeup using the front visor. “You’re so crazy, Candace,” Rose giggled. “How can you wear makeup knowing you’re gonna be sweating up a storm in an hour?”

“Because,” Candace continued to apply her mascara, “the boys are playing this weekend, too, and I think Jeremy is so smoking hot.”

Alison stopped suddenly, making Candace squeal then curse.

“Sorry.” Alison’s remorseful expression made Rose laugh. Alison had only been driving a few months, and she wasn’t the greatest driver.

“Have you gotten pulled over for drunk driving yet even though you don’t drink?” Rose laughed.

This time Candace laughed, too. The last time they’d picked her up, she hit the curb twice pulling up just outside Sal’s house. Sal’s friend Romero had been there, and he was the one that cracked that joke. He said one of his uncles had. They gave him the sobriety test and everything, and he was stone sober.

“Not funny,” Alison said as she stepped on the gas, and all their heads jerked back.

All three of them laughed this time.

“Oh my God.” Candace turned around to look at Rose. “What was that guy’s name at your house that day?”

Rose rolled her eyes smiling. “Romero.”

“He was so hot.” Candace gushed.

“But he’s older.” Alison said scrunching her nose.

“And hello! Married.” Rose reminded them.

“Minor details,” Candace said turning back to continue with her makeup. She wasn’t even done with her thoughts on Romero when she was already gaping out the window as they pulled into the school’s parking lot. “Quivering orgasms!”

“Candace!” Alison laughed as she pulled in very slowly into a parking spot.

Rose laughed, gathering her backpack. Candace was nothing if not boy crazy.

“Who is that?” Candace gushed.

They got out of the car at the same time. Rose was too busy adjusting her ponytail to notice who Candace was drooling over now. She looked up just in time to see who it was and nearly froze in place. “Oh wow, I know him.”

“You do?” Candace was at her side in seconds. “From where?”

Just then Ben saw her. He did a double take then smiled big. Candace gasped as he started toward them.

“I went to prom with him last year. We were good friends until he graduated and we sort of lost touch.” Rose flung her backpack over her back and went to meet him halfway since he was already walking toward them.

“You went to prom with him?” Candace said mouthing the words, “Oh my God,” to Alison.

Before Rose could respond to that, Ben was already there. “Look at you, sexy girl.” He blatantly checked her out from head to toe, slowing his gaze at her legs and her ridiculously short soccer uniform shorts as she and her friends came to a stop. He held his arms open with a smile so big and lustful it made her blush, and he actually groaned. “Bring them hot legs over here, girl. Damn!”

“The hell she will.” Vincent’s voice startled Rose. She turned just as he and Lorenzo walked up from behind her. “And her name is Rose.” Slipping his hand in hers, he glared at Ben. “I’m her boyfriend. Who the fuck are you?”




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