Teaser Tuesday! 2/27/12

Here it is! What I’m hoping is the last teaser before the release. *fingers crossed!*

Set up: Noah and the guys have spent the day at his friend Roni’s place when suddenly she gets an unexpected guest. 
They’d moved on from boxing to Call Of Duty, a military type game where they paired up in teams. “Noah, what are you doing?” Abel nudged him with his knee. “You’re supposed to back me up. He almost got me!” 
Hector laughed going heavy on the bombs taking advantage of Noah’s slipup. Noah made a few maneuvers getting his man out of harms way but his eyes were back on the door where Roni smiled as she greeted whoever it was. She glanced back at Noah with an expression he couldn’t quite make out before she walked out onto the porch closing the screen door behind her.
“Dude, can you fucking pay attention?” Noah looked back at the screen in time to see his man blown up. “You see?” Abel nudged him again.
The screen changed and Noah was down one life. He only had two left but he couldn’t care less. He paid more attention now but still glanced back at the front door repeatedly. From the window that was partially covered with thin drapes he could see a man leaning against the railing of the porch but he couldn’t see Roni. She was probably leaning against the wall.
It could be anyone, a solicitor, a neighbor, but his already tightening gut told him otherwise. Since Roni had gone back to work, she’d mentioned reacquainting with old friends. That look she’d given him as she walked out put him completely on edge.
Noah managed to stay in the game for another fifteen minutes until him and a very annoyed Abel were wiped out. Fifteen minutes was a relatively short time considering they could’ve gone on much longer had Noah actually been trying.
Noah stood up tossing his controller on the sofa. “Leave it off, Hector. The games gonna start if it hasn’t already.”
“Oh yeah. The playoffs are on today,” Hector said, flipping it from the PS3 to television mode. 
Gio who was always the first to catch on to what was going on in Noah’s head didn’t miss a beat asking in a curious but cautious tone, “Who’s that out there with Roni?”

Noah shrugged on his way to the door, but he was about to find out.