Teaser Tuesday- 7/9/13 Abel!

Happy Teaser Tuesday! 

FYI:  From here on the teasers will be much shorter than I usually post but I’m seriously running out of exiting excerpts I can post that DON’T GIVE TOO MUCH AWAY. And even though we are close we still have quite a few Tuesdays before release day so this left me with two options: Put off teasers for a while until we’re closer or make them a bit shorter–for now. 

I know you’ve all been very anxious and this time it’s been different since I’ve had projects in between releases so I want to give you some even if they are shorter than the norm. But I really really do appreciate your patience!

Here goes. I don’t think we’ve had a teaser yet in Nellie’s POV. I could be wrong but I just went over all of them today and I don’t remember reading one in her POV. 

Set up: Nellie is speaking with her assistant Emily as her assistant begins to pick up on something exciting in Nellie’s demeanor. 

Thinking of Abel and the words hot and sexy all at the same time brought back memories of his last visit. I wanna take you from behind. Just remembering his words and the way he had followed through with what he wanted had her puddling in places she had no business puddling while she was still at work with her assistant in the same room.
“Why are you blushing?” Emily giggled. “Oh my sweet Jesus. Don’t tell me you and Logan have already…” Emily covered her playful smirk with both hands. 
“No! I just told you I’ve never agreed to go out with him much less just… you know. I’m not like that.” The hell she wasn’t but she wasn’t about to tell sweet little Emily the torrid details of the amazing time she’d been spending in Abel’s arms—under his professionally chiseled body. On him, below him, on her back, her knees, against a door… she fanned herself now. 
“You’re doing it again andnow you’re fanning yourself?” Emily plopped down in the chair across from her. “Okay what gives? Something has you as red and hot as chili pepper. Spill it.” 
If you haven’t already, add Abel to your GoodReads “too read” shelf now!  


      Abel (5th Street #4)




For those of you who have missed some of the previous teasers I will be gathering them all in one place so you don’t have to search through my FB page where I’ve posted most of them. More then likely I will post them on the 5th Street page and post a link here directly to them,.=)