Teaser Tuesday – Gio

Set up: Gio is falling for Felix girl Bianca and he thinks she’s falling for him too–possibly even thinking of leaving Felix or at least he thought so until today. Something is not right and has him seeing red. 
They’d been at the bar drinking for a while though Gio had kept a slow steady pace compared to the rest of the guys. He felt even stupider now about telling Noah what she’d promised. Noah had to be thinking the same thing. Maybe something hadchanged today. Maybe his text this morning had snapped her into the realization that this couldn’t go on anymore. That they had been incredibly delusional to have ever even considered getting into this situation in the first place.
The very idea that she’d changed her mind made him sick but with every shot Felix took, he was getting more and more touchy-feely and she was letting him. The last straw was when she’d walked back from the restroom toward the table with the rest of the girls and Gio’s heightened senses followed her. His nose followed the lingering scent of her perfume. He fought the losing battle to keep his eyes off her only to watch Felix pull her to him as she’d nearly made it past him and kiss her, blatantly shoving his tongue in her mouth for an instant. She jerked away, obviously irritated by his drunken kiss, but it was enough to make Gio want to run out of there. “I’ll be back,” he said exchanging glances with a stern faced Noah. “I gotta make a phone call.”
Without even glancing back in Felix and Bianca’s direction, he took off to the inside bar area of the resort. He didn’t care anymore about staying sober. Needing a shot but not about to stand and watch Felix and Bianca while he took one, maybe more, he headed straight to the bar. And he’d buy it with his own fucking money, too. 
Irritated, he pushed the fact aside that even his own money was coming from Felix. Money he’d paid Gio to stick around and fall in love with his girlfriend. Gio nearly stopped walking. He’d known all along that she was different. That he felt things for her he’d never felt in his life. That he’d crossed a line he would’ve never considered crossing but he had only because it was her. She possessed the power to make him lose the capability to hold on to any reasonable thinking. But had he really fallen in love with her this quickly?
He fisted his hand as he continued to walk through the crowded bar. How the fuck could he be stupid enough to fall in love with someone so completely off-limits?
Just as he reached the bar, he thought he felt his phone go off in his pocket. In no mood to talk or even text anyone he almost didn’t pull his phone out. The remote possibility that it might be Bianca made him reach for it. Surprised not only that it was Bianca’s name on the screen but that it wasn’t a text, she was calling.
He glanced back through the glass doors and saw the guys still drinking by the bar. They all held shots up in the air but Bianca was nowhere to be seen. Feeling a little hesitation, he answered anyway. Who the hell was he kidding? He was suddenly dying to hear her voice. “Hello?”
“Meet me out front in the parking lot,” she whispered rapidly.
“What?” he asked, already headed for the front exit. His heart sped up with every long eager stride.
“Just do it,” she urged.
“I’m on my way.” He nearly broke into a sprint, her voice alone vanquishing all the negative thoughts he’d so recently been thinking.
Yep, there was no question about it. God help him. He was in love.   
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