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Almost there folks! SO close. ARC’s will be going out REAL SOON!

I’m SO excited about the start of yet another NEW series! This one is little different than your typical romance series. I’m hoping each one will keep you guessing and flipping pages like crazy. Expect a BIG mystery’s but my usual alpha’s. 😉

Without further ado I give you the teaser.

Set up: It’s been a few years since the accident that took Maggie’s sister’s life and Maggie’s memories. She’s yet to recover any of her memory but she has been having “triggers” certain things overwhelm her with unexplained emotion but it’s never a full blown memory. Here she and her mother are at their storage garage getting their Christmas decorations out when suddenly . . .

My heart doubled over and I nearly fell back on my ass I was so blown away. The very first little box right on top of everything was of a Precious Moments figurine. A tree ornament of a couple on a scooter. The little precious moment girl figurine on the scooter was blonde holding on to the brunette boy driving the scooter. That now familiar ache in my heart was back and even more brutal. The visual of the figurine hanging on a tree flashed over and over so fast it made me dizzy. Almost afraid to, I reached for the box.

“Maggie!”  Mama said as I held onto the wall for support from the sudden dizzy spell.

I flinched at Mama’s loud voice, recoiling my hand to my chest then turned to see her standing at the door of the storage unit.

“Mama?” I said surprised that I was crying. “What is this?”

“What’s what?” She rushed to me looking both questioning and concerned at the same time.

She took me in up and down reaching out for me as if she thought I might fall. “Do you need to sit?”

I shook my head pointing at the figuring anxiously. Mama turned to it the concern still on her face, fading when she smiled. “It’s my sisters belongings. I have a few of her boxes here from way back.”

“This,” I said reaching for the figurine.

 “Be careful with that, Maggie. It’s fragile and I promised I’d keep her things safe,” she placed the lid over the tote pushing back into the corner. “Baby, I told you not to touch anything before—”

“But that figurine,” I said wiping the tears away. “I remember it.”

Mama turned to me with a compassionate smile and shook her head. “You wouldn’t.”

“But I think I do,” I insisted.”It was on a tree? We hung it on a Christmas tree?”

She stared at me searching my eyes still shaking her head. “It is an ornament.”

“Can I see it?’

Mama shrugged opening the tote again. “But you have to sit down, Maggie. I don’t want you getting hurt if you get dizzy again.”

I sat down on one of the big totes marked blankets. Mama handed me the box with the figurine and I examined it feeling the butterflies in my stomach.

 “It’s aunt Terri’s stuff. Private stuff. From her single days.” She turned to me and smiled whimsically. “Bob,” she explained. “Uncle Bob. Her husband is really jealous you see and well . . . she kept some stuff from when she dated her ex-boyfriend. An ex who she secretly confided in me that she never got over him. So she couldn’t bring herself to get rid of these things. I promised her I’d keep it safe and not let anyone know it’s here.”

Something  happened that’d never had before in all the times I’d had these episodes. The visual of the figurine flashed in my head again. Not in the box inside the tote the only way I’d ever seen it. It was a visual of it hanging on a tree. It flashed again and again almost violently so. I brought my hands to my head closing my eyes feeling dizzy again.

Next thing I knew Mama took the box out of my hands and put it back in the tote.

 “This is proof Maggie that these visuals of yours are completely random. You’ve never even seen that ornament. There is no way it would trigger any kind of memory.”

“But, Mama—”

“We’re gonna see the doctor first chance we get.”

I shook my head feeling the deep ache in my heart suffocate me. The tears wouldn’t stop. This was the worst of all the other episodes and Mama was saying it was a completely random object that caused it? Was my mind really this screwed up? Was this really something I’d have to just learn to live with?

“Oh honey,” she said hugging me tightly and I buried my face in her neck. “I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this but we’re gonna get you help. I promise you, baby. You’re gonna get better. Get past this. If anything it’ll get easier to deal with.”

She wiped my tears and smiled. I nodded taking a deep breath. “I just don’t understand why something in my head could make my heart hurt? Why would some random object I’d never seen before make me so emotional?”

“The brain is a very complex thing, darling.” She shrugged shaking her head. “I’ve been studying this PTBIS online. There’s so many symptoms and side effects of brain trauma. If something gets rattled in your injured brain,” she said pointing at my head. “And it pulls on the wrong wire who knows what part of your body will end up getting jolted. In your case it’s your heart I guess.”


Coming this spring!


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