Teaser Tuesday – Hector – 2/4/13

Because it’s so short this time I almost didn’t post here. Just my FB Fan page but I forget a lot of you don’t have Facebook accounts. So here it is. 


VERY short tease here. So short you get it right here. Why? Because it’s the last one before the release. That’s right. Hector will be uploaded THIS week. So here is the final teaser before the release. I’m SO tired I spent the entire day going through edits so I”m posting this early so I can go relax now! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Hector has a potty mouth when he’s angry and he’s pretty angry here.=/

Suddenly this wasn’t about Walter anymore. Suddenly what he felt was more than just anger, and he didn’t even care how clear he was making that. “You into this guy, Charlee? Is that it? You’d actually consider something with that piece of shit?”

Her pink lips parted, but she said nothing. He was done. If he stood there for even another second, he might just spill his guts—tell her why he was really so ready to beat the shit out of this guy. Because seeing her standing there with him, having an obviously enjoyable conversation, had set him on fire, and he was ready to blow now. From what Walter had told him already about Charlee making excuses for the guy, he had a feeling what that might mean.

He started walking away before he could explode but then stopped and turned to her again. “You might wanna let Walter in on this shit; otherwise, he may still think you need saving from this prick.” She stared at him wide-eyed now. “You wouldn’t want him to end up in the emergency room again in case he sees you and your fucking little boyfriend snuggling up somewhere.”

Just the thought made him want to roar. He glanced at her friend Drew for a second, taking in the strange expression. She’d seemed just as irritated by Charlee moments ago. He wondered what the near smirk she wore now meant.

Without giving it another thought, he walked away before he spit out any more venom. He’d said enough. If she hadn’t figured it out already, she would if he stayed there and continued to let it all out.

 Coming this week!!