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(FATE #7)

Copyright © 2016 Elizabeth Reyes


Set up: This is VERY early on when they’re just getting to know each other.


Nathan told Aiyanna about how Isaiah ran into his ex again more than a year after Nathan last saw or spoke to her. He shrugged leaning against the counter and crossing his arms. “I guess neither ever got over the other. I’m over it though.”

“Are you?” Aiyanna asked raising her brow as she rinsed her hands.

“Absolutely. It’s just awkward being around them right now. But that too will  pass eventually.”

She smirked as she dried her hands on the dishtowel. “Whatever you say.”

“What does that mean?” he asked suddenly feeling like a puppy dog following her into the front room where she sat down on the sofa.

He plopped down next to her staring her down, her expression still a little too amused. “Crossing your arms in front of you like you did when you were done with your story is a sure sign of resistance—opposition.”

“I am opposed to being around them,” he said not arguing her point. “This soon. It’s just weird but it’s not like I feel jealous or anything. I respect that she belongs to him and—”

Belongs to him?” Her eyes opened wide but she still smiled.

He dropped his head back on the sofa. “I meant she’s not just his girlfriend she’s his fiancée now. I was thinking his girlfriend then I changed my mind and last second my thoughts switched and—.”

“Freudian slip. Interesting. Are you one of those guys, Nathan?” She giggled chewing the tip  of her thumb nail. “Does your brother own her now?”

“No, no don’t start psycho analyzing me,” he said lifting his head up and glancing at her.

She was enjoying this a little too much but damn she really was breathtaking when she smiled like that.

“I’m not one of those guys alright? All I meant it is you know when guys introduce their girlfriends as ‘My girl’—”

“Because she’s his?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “And he’s her boyfriend. Goes both ways.” 

“So you own each other?”

He stared at the sofa in front of him for a moment and thought about that. “Well, yeah, but not in the caveman way you’re trying to imply.”

“Is there any other way?” She was laughing now. And mocking him. It was as annoying as it was amusing to see her enjoy it so much.

“I don’t do the relationship thing anymore,” he explained. “Commitment and all that shit. I think it’s overrated and they’re too much drama. I can have just as much fun with girls, enjoying them exhaustively so without the need of complicating things with a relationship. But I’m just saying hypothetically, like both  my brother’s, if I were to ever have a serious relationship you best believe I’d make it clear to everyone she was all mine.”  

She stared at him for a moment  as if he might go on but he didn’t. “I’m all for a couple being a team, Nathan.” She tilted her head with a sweet smile. “And for two people to belong together but not to each other?”

“But it’s the truth right?” he turned and rested his arm on the back of the sofa so he could better enjoy watching Aiyanna laugh. “Hypothetically speaking,” he said wondering if he should go there but he was enjoying this so he did. “Say you were mine.” She was still smiling only he knew that last statement waned the playfulness a bit and he peered into her eyes. “If you were my girlfriend you bet your ass everyone would know you belonged to me. It’s why I asked last night if you were sure your boyfriend would be okay with you sharing a bed with another guy, because if you were mine I wouldn’t be okay with it.”

The smile was nearly gone now but she still held the eye contact. “Even if it was as innocent as last night was?”

Nathan grinned feeling bittersweet again as this only further confirmed Aiyanna was not the type of girl he could ever take seriously. If she honestly thought last night was completely innocent—that her friend who she admitted she’d probably do the same with, when he got here would think it just as innocent—then there was no way Nathan would deal with a girl like that. 

“If you were my girlfriend and I found out you did that with your friend Scott or any other guy, there’s no fucking way I’d be okay with it.”

He hadn’t meant for that to sound so abrasive but a part of him wanted her to know that. Maybe he was one of those guys. If there was even a remote possibility that something might happen between them then he didn’t care how that last statement sounded. She could interpret it however she wanted. As long as they were clear on where he stood about things like that.

Just in case.



Much later in the story when they’re a full fledged couple Aiyanna who’s been burned before by a cheating ex wakes in Nathan’s bed but he’s gone. She then hears hushed voices in the next room. He’s talking to a girl and she jumps out of bed to investigate and overhears this:

“Come on, Nathan,” the girl said playfully. “How can you say no to this?”

Nathan let out a groan, making the hair on the back of Aiyanna’s neck stand. “You’re not playing fair.” He groaned again. “Baby,” he said as his voice went all sugary sweet. “You know I could never say no your angel face.”

Hearing the kissing noises lit something inside Aiyanna and she flung the door open ready to unleash her jealous fury.



Be ready for things to get HAIRY in this one! I CANNOT wait to get ALL your thoughts on this!


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