#TeaserTuesday – Unvitited

We’re getting close!

SO excited about this one!

Without further ado here is this weeks teaser! 

Uninvited graphic tease


The full teaser is here in case this is hard to read AND because I couldn’t fit the whole thing on the graphic!

Before she could get off the bed, he opened the bathroom door and stood there in nothing but a towel around his waist. Once again Aiyanna felt dazed. With the towel draped just over his waist, she could even see the outline of his equally muscled thighs. He bent over to pick up his clothes on the floor then glanced up, and their eyes met.

Without saying another word, he walked out of the bathroom, threw the clothes he was carrying aside, and walked up to the bed where she sat. She stared at him breathlessly as he stood so close to her she could almost taste his lips. His eyes fell down to his own chest then slowly lifted until they locked on her eyes again with that evil smirk. His expression practically beckoned. Touch me. You know you want to. Unable to take her eyes off him, she began to lift her almost trembling hand to his incredible chest.


In case you missed Saturday’s teaser here is a slightly longer version of it!

snowy cabin

“What is it you think I’m gonna do to you if you untie me?”

“I don’t know.” She walked toward him the water and aspirin in one hand and the pan in her other hand. “But if someone broke in through your window would you be welcoming them with open arms?”

“Under the circumstances I might.” He opened his mouth and Aiyanna dropped the aspirin on his tongue with a silent gulp.

She tilted the opened bottle of water against his lips and he took a swig and nodded. “I would’ve opened the door,” he said with a wince. “There is a huge storm going on outside. I’d say the odds of someone getting stuck out here and needing to get to phone are pretty good.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not a six foot something man. So that’s easy for you to say.”

“Can I just use your land line?”

“There is none in this place. My cell phone doesn’t have any reception here either. I had to go into town this morning to call my friend and see where he was at.”

“This place?” he asked. “So I take it you don’t live here.”

“No, I don’t.”
“Why are you here without your boyfriend?”

Aiyanna didn’t correct the assumption, once again annoyed with herself because of why she was here, but no way was she discussing that with this stranger. She was about to tell him she was only here for a few days and that Scott was supposed to have met her here today, when a sudden rattling from the back of the cabin startled her. She turned to it pointing her pan then back at pretty boy. “Were there more people with you?”

“No. Untie me,” he said squirming where he sat.

She started to debate whether she should when the rattling got louder. “Untie me damn it,” he demanded just as he broke loose from the ties around his ankles.


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