TGIF Defining Love #2 Teaser and giveaway!

 For those of you who’ve read the first volume. Here’s a little of what to expect in Volume #2




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I’ve been getting lots and lots of questions regarding Defining Love’s plot and twist. Inquiring minds want to know! So Team Reyes will be hosting a private Q&A and live chat next week! If you’re not already part of the team come join the fun! Just like this exclusive Q&A there are also MANY many other exclusives! Giveaways, first peaks, early announcements, Team exclusive teasers, Secret Santa <- last years was a HUGE success! I've never met such an extraordinary group of WONDERFUL women from all over the world bonding over books! =D  We’re also having our first ever Team meet and greet this year in Vegas!    

In case you missed Volume 1’s release teaser on my page here it is again. This scene is actually from Volume #2! 😉 Get ready for some sparks to start flying!

Set up: Aaron opens up to Henri about his relationship with his fiancée.

“There was a time long ago when I could hardly wait to be around her.” Aaron’s stared at me as he spoke. “but”—he let his head fall back in frustration—“the spark you mentioned feels more like a burden now. I feel like a douche saying it, but lately”—bringing his attention back to me, our eyes locked suddenly as he paused—“I’d much rather be here than with her.”

His smile flattened slowly as if maybe he’d said too much, or maybe he was done with that thought. My heart began to race. He was talking about preferring to be here, immersed in his work—his passion. I could admit we’d had moments. He might even be attracted to me. But I’d be beyond full of myself if I so much as considered the possibility that he might be implying he’d rather be here—with me.

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