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Surprise TGIF teaser & Giveaway!!!


First the teaser!

How would YOU define love?

Here’s how a few bloggers and readers define it! 


“Love is him/her handing over his/her credit card to you at the book store.”


“I define love as a constant. no matter what the two people go through, they stick together. in beautiful times and ugly times. through fights and happiness, they’re always gonna want you by their side.”

~Shawna Broadstock ~

Avid reader & Team Reyes Member


“I define love as unconditional.  Love means being there for a person in both the best and worst of times.  You must lift them up when they’re down and believe in them. When you love someone, you push them to be their best, and are honest with them.  You show respect, and apologize for wrongdoings.  Most importantly, you are active in their lives, and give of yourself without expecting anything in return.”

~Lindy Gomez of…

Xpresso Reads


“Love is a small word that means so many things…loyalty, happiness, devotion, friendship, trust…the list is endless.”

~Sarah Mannering ~

Avid Reader & Team Reyes Member


Now YOU tell me how you’d define love OR just share this post and tell me about it here or on my FB page and be automatically entered to win one of these!




I’ll pick a winner on Sunday!! Have a great weekend and happy sharing!