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is coming within the next week BUT you can read it TONIGHT WITH AN ARC GIVEAWAY! !!!!!

With a wicked twist that will have you clutching your heart and an epilogue that will drop your jaw! Something I’ve NEVER done before!! 

ARC’s have gone out to winners

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Early reaction to Uninvited! 

“Ok i just HAD to say something! it’s 3am here and I just finished Uninvited!….wow this is probably some of the best work Eli has written so far!”

“Okay. I knew it! I knew it since he was introduced! NATHAN is great!!! By far my favorite!!!! Thanks Elizabeth Reyes for this amazing story!!! “

“OMFG Elizabeth Reyes you gave me a damn heart attack with that twist! I seriously was like WTF I didn’t see that at all WOAH!!”



Here’s the teasers members of TEAM REYES got to read EXCLUSIVELY last week! Get a little sneak peek of the Alpha male you’re in for with

Nathan Romero!  

Uninvited exclusive teaser

Just remember guys

Anyone too good to be true . . . always is!

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