Way Too Close

They say opposites attract, but what happens when two equally surly and short-fused individuals, already laced with past sexual tension, are forced to coexist in a matter that’s Way Too Close for comfort?

When the self-proclaimed misanthropist and overachiever Xochitl meets her dormmate’s younger brother, there’s no way she’s falling prey to the smooth-talking little flirt. Her grumpy ass has been warned enough about his player ways to know better, and she ain’t having it.

But after being witness to his butterfly-inducing sweet side, she lets her guard down and is completely sucked in—only to be mortified when she finds out he’s exactly what she was warned about and vows never to fall for his game again.

Alex “Lex” Moreno is not used to indifference from girls. So, when he meets his sister’s surly dormmate, who seems almost annoyed by his attempts to charm her, his interest is piqued like never before. Just when he thinks he’s turned it around and manages to gain her trust, life throws a wrench in his plans and ruins everything.

When he finally gets a chance to prove he’s not who she thinks he is, he’s determined to get it right. Despite his short fuse, they get past a few near blowups. But nothing prepares them for the ultimate betrayal neither would’ve ever imagined.