We have a release date for Suspicious Minds and a FINAL teaser!!!

Release date THIS Saturday!

February 21st!


So you ready for the final teaser?

I wish I could share more intense/juicier ones. But it’s so hard for me to find any without spoilers! Anyhow this is still the very gentle side of Lorenzo. 😉


No need for set up except to say I used HIM instead of the actual name used in the book to keep from spoiling anything for you. Enjoy!! 


Her phone dinged for the second time since they’d been sitting there having dinner. Olivia felt her stomach tighten as Lorenzo’s eyes fell on her phone. The first time he hadn’t asked anything about the text she was obviously ignoring, and thank God because it’d been HIM again. But this time she saw the tiniest arch in Lorenzo’s brow as he glanced back at his food. “Anything important?”

She picked up the phone casually, relieved that it wasn’t HIM again. “Umm,” she said as she read the text from Elton.

“No, not really,” she said, doing her best not to frown. “My boss.”

Looking up, she saw Lorenzo was peering at her strangely and she knew why. “Your boss?”

“I know it’s my business, but until I’m done paying for the van, technically, the business is part his. So he still checks up on me on occasion.”

She set the phone down but noticed Lorenzo was still eyeing her with that strange expression on his face. “Who’s he?”

“Elton,” she clarified as offhandedly as possible. “He’s the owner of the school I trained at. He’s also who most of the alumni go through to get their mobile businesses started.”

“So it’s a franchise?”

“No.” She shook her head, reaching for another piece of bread. “We’re on our own and get to call our business what we want. Once we’ve paid him off, he gets no royalties or anything like that. Nor does he have any say on how we conduct our business. But while we’re still paying off our loans, he’s technically like a boss to us. He collects his money by getting a fraction of all our sales. So I guess it might be more accurate to call him a silent partner until I’m done paying off my loan.”

Lorenzo glanced at her phone, his brow lifting a little higher, then back at her. “Yet, he’s not so silent.”



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