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Friday, March 10th! 

What ARC readers are saying so far . . .

?????Another unforgettable reading escape by Elizabeth Reyes!!
Read this book in one sitting. Fascinating new cast of characters to fall in love with and intriguing story from beginning to end

?????This was another brilliant book by Mrs. Reyes. It pulled you in from the very first page always making you wonder what the heck was going on and then when you think you know boom! Another twist to put you back to guessing.

????? In true Reyes fashion, while the story is different from her norm, she absolutely NAILS the thriller romance! I was left completely breathless! Genius!

????? It BLEW MY MIND!  I found myself just as invested in her life as she was. Then there is HIM…. OMG!! I adore this guy I was super intrigued by him and his past with Maggie..  

????? Brilliant. Just BRILLIANT. No other words. Oh except What.  A.  F***ing.  Ride!

Hop on that ride March 10th folks! And brace yourselves for another exciting start to a new series!  

As the reality sunk in, that I now had cold hard evidence, I fell to my knees and sobbed.

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“One warning,” Lila said as her grip on Barbie’s hand went even more lethal. “Get out of my face or I’ll break your F***ing hand.”

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